Talking of evil right and left wing scum, I think its high time the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership was outed for being the monolithic cunt that it is.

I don’t like the EU, at all. I don’t like any socialist leaning, all encompassing society encroachment on my life. But the EU as a trade body does quite well at somethings, like keeping cunts like Monsanto from flogging its ‘Genetically Modified’ frankenfood in EU member states.

And, unlike those sepo cunts across the atlantic, we in Europe like to prove things are safe before we allow them to be used in public. Not so over there, anything can be used until it causes enough cancer to instigate a class action law suit. An iterating quote from the Guardian sites that in the EU there are 1200+ substances banned from use in cosmetics, yet those tea party throwing cunts across the Atlantic have only banned 12 KNOWN CARCINOGENS!!!

Government legislation damaging your business? Guess what, TTIP will allow you to sue the democratically elected government (if you have enough money) for loss of earnings, behind closed doors! And this is were the real cuntitude starts to creep through, these fuckers want a separate court to hear these claims, thereby subvert the last bastion of freedom which is ‘Equality before the law’. Imagine that, now multinational companies can actually run countries, innit brilliant?!?!?

So NHS, guess what? Yep, privatised. Because if you don’t, we will sue you for potential lost profits.

Utility Contracts? Yep, see above.

Public services in the UK are currently run by utter cunts, but they are some order of magnitude less cunty than those in Uhr-merica. I lived there long enough and had to deal with there shit. Thats what TTIP has in store for Europe.

Let get one thing straight, Uhrmerica is one fucking great cunt hole. It makes nothing of any notable value, it produces nothing pivotal to global survival. Its just mass market mediocrity, that is aspired to and idolised by the third world for some reason.

The UK is shit at a lot of things, but at least we only fingerprint CRIMINALS. Decent people don’t want to stay in the US thank you very much, its a fucking leper colony.

Time to throw them a little tea party… No, we should be more progressive, Polonium Sushi is more effective these days.

Fuck Yeah.

Nominated by: The Captain

13 thoughts on “TTIP

  1. America has always been the most unethical and corrupt nation in the world….
    I agree that the Good Ol’ US Of A will flog any old crap: regardless of its quality or (lack of) safety standards… The Yanks point the finger at everyone, when they themselves are as bent as they come…

    • Hoyt make pretty good bows. Other than that, and firearms manufacturers, most of what they produce is shite. And I’m half Texan, so I know what I’m talking about. And I’ll fight any fucker who says different.

  2. While we’re on the subject, I’d like to nominate to be cunted all the cunts who adopt words and phrases that they’ve learned from watching American television programmes, because they think it’s ‘cool’ to talk that way.
    They call men and women ‘guys’. They say things like ‘no way’, and say ‘I guess’ instead of ‘I think’ or ‘I suppose’. My favourite pet hate is ‘off-of’. And they can’t stop saying ‘absolutely’. Whenever they’re asked a question, they don’t say ‘exactly’, or ‘you’re right’, or ‘that’s correct’, or even simply ‘yes’ any more, it’s always absofuckinlutely.
    A nation whose version of English was derived from semi-literate Cornish sailors has nothing to teach us regarding our spoken or written language. They can’t even spell properly and haven’t yet learned the correct use of the pluperfect tense. All English people who parrot Americanisms are cunts.

    • I especially hated when cunts throughout the 90s used the word ‘Not’ because of Wayne’s World…. Like ‘I think that’s a good car – Not!’
      Some tossers still use it today unfortunately (not to mention ‘We are not worthy!’ bullshit that came from the same film!)…

      Other dreadful Yankisms are ‘Cowabunga!’ ‘Jack Diddly Squat’ and calling anyone ‘Dude’. I also loathe the term MILF… We all know what it means. But a sexy woman is just that, regardless of age… Putting the mother spin on it is a little too Norman Bates for my liking…

      • Even worse when cunts say OMFG (‘Oh Emm Eff Gee!”) or Lolz!
        Lazy, ignorant riff-raff…

  3. “I don’t like any Socialist leaning”….but I need a governmental body to tell me what I put in my mouth. As a first timer I thought this site might be a bastion of sound and critical free-thinking. It appears that your Captain is a massive cunt.

    • It’s not “socialism” to regulate business for the benefit and safety of consumers, neither is it “socialist” to disagree with the idea of private corporations having a more exalted status under the law than the individual citizen.

      TTIP is a fucking scary idea, and was ripe for a good cunting.

  4. I am a cunt, and much worse.

    However, protecting not so enlightened folk from greedy corporate cunts is one thing which a Government can do well. The ‘gist’ was that the EU currently sees little if any value in GM food stuffs and the benefits are dubious, and until proven to the contrary, thus bans the sale in the EU. I understand the recent horse meat scandals maybe a little contradictory, but then again thats what happens when corporate cunts start trying to squeeze the last drops of profitability.

    It does not state anywhere in that piece that I need someone to tell me what to do, or to tell anyone else for that matter.

    I know what to put in my mouth, you clearly had to remove a phallus from yours to pen that reply. I presume you are that cock smoking troll again?

  5. Personally I visit this site because it makes me laugh, which is far more than Television can manage these days.

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