Not being rich, I represented myself at small claims court in front of a woman judge. She looked down her nose at me, the toffee-nosed slag, and I only got half my money back. She ignored my written proof that the defendant had promised me a full refund.

These cunts think they can go to university and learn all the rules just so they can bend or break them whenever they feel like it. They don’t know the meaning of integrity. That woman deserves cunting because she is one.

Nominated by: Allan

12 thoughts on “Judges

    • I’m back from me hols. Conclude that weather in the Isles of Scilly is a cunt…

      Anyhow – I can confirm that nobody had Keith Harris in the Dead Pool this time round. Lez has got BB King so watching with interest whether he survives his latest trip to hospice.


  1. ……………………………………………………………….. Ed Balls………………………………..


  2. Allan, calling the thing in that photo a woman, is an affront to women. Other than that, good cunting. The thing worse than a judge, is the cunt who presides over a Court Martial. I’ve been Court Martialled, but I was once a witness at one. The one thing I learned, is that unlike in a civilian court, you’re guilty until proven guilty. I was surprised I was even allowed to testify.


    • Not my photo, Quick Draw. I actually have a picture of the one in question which I got off the internet. I’d love to name her on here but, you know. I don’t want to go back to court.


  3. Good job you were fucking guilty then eh, you, er, cunt. What about them cunt judges on the fucking Voice? That fucking ‘Willi’maFuckinguselessspeccycelebritycuntwho’sgangbangedFergie’ is a cunt. And what about Judge fucking Judy? Are those Yank cunts completely obsessed with life in the late night TV lane? All judges are cunts. Apart from Judge Dredd….. He’s an Uber Cunt. Not that I’d tell him like……


  4. I remember that horse faced slag of a judge who sent Eric Cantona to prison for kicking that Crystal Palace gobshite… She went on about an ‘example to children’ and all that crap… Of course Mo Watkins (MUFC’S then solicitor) left her ‘sentence’ on its arse…. Undeterred, the toothy monstrosity got a good few bob appearing on the cover of Hello magazine (the ugliest Hello cover ever? Very likely, M’Lud!)… Surely she was breaking some sort of law? Flaunting her gee gee fizzog and her bullshit all over the media while legal matters regarding Cantona were still ongoing? And what she called herself… Justice Pearch… Never her full name, always Justice fucking Pearch…What a self serving, 15 minutes of fame ugly old cunt…


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