ISIS defectors’ parents


So your daughter fucked off to join ISIS and it’s everybody else’s fault but yours…

What the police, and other agencies for that matter, should have said to you was “Look, you whingeing fucking muzzie pricks, they were YOUR daughters. How the fuck did you not know what was happening to them? YOU were in the best position to notice that they were being radicalised, and in fact, we find it someoe suspicious that you DIDN’T fucking know. YOU need to accept responsibility for this, because it’s YOUR fucking fault. Now fuck off!”

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

How about another cozzer cunting? The knobhead police apologising to the knobhead parents of the knobhead ISIS schoolgirl slags… is this what makes Britain great?

If Blighty gets any more pathetic and piss weak, people will be wishing we had lost in WWII..

Nominated by: Norman

13 thoughts on “ISIS defectors’ parents

  1. We should fast track all apologies straight to ISIS Headquarters, which is probably some where in Hackney.

  2. Am I on my own, or are there others who don’t care how many go abroad to join ISIS ? All these MLFT’s (Muslims Looking For Trouble) can go to Syria and Iraq and get themselves blown up for all I care. The more the merrier.

    • The problem is, the fucking Turks keep stopping the little cunts and sending them back here. And the “authorities” either let them go without charge, or let them go on bail. They should be revoking their passports the second it’s found they’ve left the UK.

    • Its their barbaric 6th century cult like religion thats the problem and the brain deaded shits that feels its their duty to protect said dangerous religion(Cult). We
      have so many its sad, and these cunts aren’t even
      religious or spiritual themselves mostly. They are just shit starters who end up selling their stories to the daily mail because they are whores. @Alan People do care but everytime someone voices their concern we have a million
      cunts to call them racist or something irrelevant, the propaganda machine is huge in UK , after all we were the first western country for islam to grow so rapidly , i think the idea of having a 9 yr old as a wife really grew.

    • Personally I’d pay a tax to purchase tickets (fucking first class if they want) for anyone who wants to leave the UK and go and join ISIS. Only one condition – don’t fucking come back.

  3. Personally I feel that they should all try to establish an Islamic state in Wales and let them fight with the locals as to who gets to bugger the best looking sheep

    • I think the Welsh and the Muzrats would be somewhat at cross-purposes. I can’t imagine a Muzrat being particuarly interested in a sheep over 10 sheep years old.

  4. Here’s a thought. Bleeding heart twats say we should take refugees from the Med. Why don’t we give them the passports of the wankstains who want to join ISIS? Then we help the refugees – as guardianistas want – and get rid of the Islamist cunts everyone else hates.

    Or am I talking complete bollocks? I’m probably a racist or Islamophobe.

    Haven’t seen Leanne on TV for a while. Any of you sheep-shagging cunts from Plaid-land got any good links?

  5. Firstly: Anyone in the UK helping these cunts leave should have their assets confiscated and prosecuted for treason

    Second: Any of these cunts return to the UK then they are Guilty of Treason

    Thirdly: Punishment for treason: Firing Squad. That will sort the cunts out

  6. Nice one Nigel I totally agree. I would also suggest that the kids be taken away and sold into slavery but that would deprive their relatives of their daily sexual needs but it would reduce the benefits bill fucking cunts

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