Sepp Blatter [2]


Sepp Blatter is the most arrogant cunt in the world. Who the fuck does he think he is? Louis XIV? The emperor of fucking football?

Apparently European clubs provided 75% of the players at the last World Cup. Why don’t they simply refuse permission for their employees to play in this corrupt reptile’s shitty competition? Better yet, UEFA should simply leave FIFA and start their own competition – the World Trophy perhaps. Like to see those FIFA cunts’ faces when they realise that the flow of European money that pays for their 5-star, first class lifestyles has been cut off. Fucking bastards.

Pity that cunt Jihadi John didn’t meet Blatter in the Middle East. Christ, I fucking hate that utter, utter cunt.

Nominated by: Cunt’s Mate Cunt

10 thoughts on “Sepp Blatter [2]

    • You forgot to mention that he us a corpulent corrupt cunt of the highest order and the money he receives from official European football associations us nothing compared with what is paid out in bribes.

  1. Ah yes, Bladder. The chrome dome cunt who swore he wouldn’t stand for re-election. And then stood for re-election. Crooked as fuck, more sinister than Mr Hyde. And while we’re on the subject, Michel Platini should have been jointly cunted with bladder.

    Now, I’m off to watch Bluestone 42. So keep the fucking noise down.

  2. “Pity that cunt Jihadi John didn’t meet Blatter in the Middle East”

    Take a chainsaw to cut through the blubber on the fat bastards neck… be fun watching it though

  3. Blatter’s bagman, that anti-English bastard, Platini, is also a corrupt cunt….

    And not guilty (again!) or not, Amanda Knox is still a cunt… A snake with tiits…

  4. god i hate sepp blatter or as i like to call him septic “cunt” bladder , hes the only reason i don’t watch football anymore it is all rigged , this cunt nicks left and right hes a pure fucking corrupt thief , i refuse to watch footy with that cunt , too bad he wasn’t on that
    airplane to france when that muzzie pilot decided to kill 150 people , oh well cricket is starting to appeal to me more nowadays i enjoy that more anyhow

  5. When the game once had men like Stanley Rous, Matt Busby, Bill Shankly and Bobby Moore… What have we got now? Sepp Blatter, Jose Mourinho, Harry Redknapp and John Terry… It’s enough to make any true football supporter throw up…

  6. Fat fucking short arsed midget swiss cheese cunt, pleaase someone gun the fat fucking cunt down

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