Paddy McGuinness [3]

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Paddy McGuinness is a right (or should I say ‘reet’) cunt….

This knob is simply famous and on telly for being Peter Kay’s mate… All that ‘Me likey!’ and ‘Ding Dang Do!’ bollocks irritates the fuck out of me.. Then there’s his Gregg’s commercials and the slapperfest that is ‘Take Me Out’…

But what is worse than Paddy McGinness infesting out TV screens? His wife doing the same thing…. A Scouse (Scouse? I ask you!) skank with plastic tits and a voice that could peel paint off the Blackpool Tower… You can tell the lad aims high and likes a bit of class (Yeah, reet!)…

Nominated by: Norman

17 thoughts on “Paddy McGuinness [3]

  1. Being Peter Kays mate is enough to get anyone cunted.
    Marrying a scouser merely confirms it.
    Just another overpaid and fifth rate entertainer. Note that he has also worked with that complete bell end Keith Lemon, which completes his apprenticeship in cuntitude.
    So yes Norman, this man is a fully qualified cunt for all the above reasons.

    • McGuinness is the typical ‘Northern Bloke’ stereotype and he gives northern lads a bad name… All that ‘Eeee Flower!’ bollocks is dreadful, and it annoys me even more when people think McGuinness (or Kay) are Mancs….

      I’ll cunt Bolton Wanderers and their bumpkin fans another time….

  2. I would like to cunt roadworks the council or whichever other cunt is associated with the whole fucking process.

    For weeks if not months I have had to travel for half an hour longer each time I want to get on the motorway. I wouldn’t mind if there was a noticeable difference to the road either, but each time I drive past nothing has fucking changed apart from where the overpaid high visibility “workers” are standing. I almost missed a flight today because some twat decided rush hour the day after schools break up is a good time to start a road widening scheme. I am no expert on architecture, engineering or swiping public coffers but even I can see that was a fucking stupid thing to do. The iceing on the cake of cuntishness is that my tax payer pound sterling is paying for all this.

    I really hate this country at times.

    • Yes, I’d like the local council to explain their reasons for planning road repairs and extensions / “improvements”. Firstly they spend at least 2 weeks cordoning off and putting diversions into place, which causes mayem with rush hour traffic. (Steveie Wonder could plan these diversions better, as if they don’t necessitate you detouring at least 20 miles, they route you through the roughest council estates, giving the local “migrant workers” the opportunity to steal your tyres as you drive through.
      Road works “planned time” is material for a comedy sketch. I’ve learned that you calculate the actual time of disruption by a formula which involves multiplying the actua planned weeks by a factor of 5 then adding on a day for each “white hat” on the job. Factor in two weeks for “inclement weather”, where they cannot do the job and add on 10% for lost time on Fridays, when they all bugger off early.
      (Don’t be fooled by them working at weekends.. this is not work, its a religious festival of the church of the road digger, where they drink coffee in the portakbin, read dirty mags and smoke fags.
      THEN, just as they can procrastinate no longer, and the work is complete, you can guarantee that they will leave all the contraflows, diversions and bollards in place for at least another two weeks. Not because they need to, but because its too much trouble to remove them.
      Lazy cunts

    • The useless cunts in the council also make sure that any obvious alternative routes are also subject to road works which really exacerbates the problems. CUNTS !

  3. I think you will find that councils like to dig up roads unnecessarily at this time of year, because it is the end of the council’s financial year.

    If they don’t spunk your hard earned cash this year, they lose that amount of money from the budget next financial year.

    Notice though how the roads are otherwise full of potholes throughout the rest of the year.

    Lazy socialist council worker cunts!

  4. Much have I traveled in the realms of cuntitude…but ……fuckety-fucking-fuck-fuck…now feel like some watcher of the skies when a new planet sized CUNT swims into his ken.
    It would appear that the father , one ABASE HUSSEN, of one of the runaway “Jihadi brides” who ( in an heart-rending interview clutched a teddy bear etc) blamed the sodding police for her elopement to be a skivvy-cum-sex-slave in some hideous desert landscape has now been outed as a frothing gibbering hate-contorted “Death to The Great Satan” chanting flag-burning fanaticunt.
    Whilst my heart goes out to the poor child, for 15 year old child she is, there is a great happiness in me that the fucktard is reaping the whirlwind of his hatred. But what kind of a barking cold slimy black-hearted cunt must you be to bleat to the media that it is all the fault of someone else?
    Buddha knows there is a plethora of up-to-date CUNTS to chose from but this man has put himself forward as a world-beating LYING HYPOCRITICAL CUNT even among the many mendacious taqqiya-practicing cunts presently claiming benefits and plotting the downfall of Western Civilisation.
    Put the cunt in irons, give him a thousand lashes and send the cunt to join her.

  5. Comes as no surprise to me to learn this and the fact his stupid little girl ran off to join the cavemen of ISIL is now very likely down to his influence as a west hating extremist. Daughter has obviously wanted to please her extremist daddy by fighting for Allah.
    I have no sympathy for the cunt whatsoever

    • The cunt should be kicked out of this country, preferably kicked out of a plane at 30,000 feet, over the shithole of a country his kid has pissed off to.

  6. Paddy McGuiness LMFAO
    He is so insignificant he does not even deserve to be cunted, cuntitude is reserved for people who deserve it & have earned it.
    McGuiness deserves nothing, he got famous on the back of that fat cunt Peter Kay, you know, that fat cunt who has been doing the same stand-up routine for 15 years.
    McGuiness is arguably famous for his shit intros on that meat market dating game
    “Let the rabbit see the hole” “Let the sausage see the toad” etc etc.

    I say:
    “Let the cunt see the coffin” or “Let the aids infect the body” or “Let the cancer spread to the lymph nodes”

    Fuck McGuiness the stupid northern prick

  7. I’ve noticed this McGuinness cunt is now in Coronation Street….
    I watched an episode with my mrs for the first time in ages the other day…. And I must say it has fallen so far below its 1970s heyday…. A ludicrous story where a bunch of morons go camping in a field and meet McGuinnes playing something like a working class Bear Grylls (another cunt)… Totally pointless, badly acted and just a way to get Paddy McGuinness time in the show… Utter bollocks…

    The rest of it was shite too… Tracy Barlow still going round killing people, that skinny drug dealer (who is about as scary as Brian from the Magic Roundabout), that irritating blonde jailbait who looks like Caspar the Friendly Ghost dragged up…. They were almost as bad as McGuinness… Not quite, but almost…

    I’d give that Carla one though….

  8. Agreed I fuckinf hate paddy McGuinness the cunt needs to dragged behind a car until all that is left is a greasy stripe all the way back to that shithole Bolton where the cunt escaped from, it should end outside a fucking gregs

  9. Ive watched that shite meat market thing a few times jus cos I love to hate it and honestly if you put all 30 of those two faced back stabbing bitches together you couldn’t get one good looking one.

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