Modern parenting


Not too late for all the little bastards who, having failed to get the smacking they deserved as cheeky, unruly, anti-social brats have evolved into granny-bashing, street gang terrorist animal abusers.

Much as this will offend the liberal left-wingers, I’d bring back the birch, with a public flogging of the scumbags mentioned. Community service orders, laughable “fines” and every social worker in the vicinity springing to their defence with the usual cant of “He grew up in an unstable home” are a complete joke.

Nominated by: Lez

A good clout never did me or any of my generation any harm… If you acted up or behaved like a twat, you’d get a slap… Kids these days do and say what they want, because they know there will be no comebacks or punishment… I see the most spoiled, self centered, noisy little bastards week in week out at the supermarket… I said to my missus ‘If I’d behaved like that my mum would have clouted me. My old man would have murdered me.’

A friend of mine brought up her 2 sons in the 90s without ever raising a hand to them (and fuck knows they deserved it!)… Now they are grown up and are two of the biggest, selfish cunts known to man… That’s the way it is now: kid acts up, kid gets a slap, adult ends up in court while kid acts all innocent like Tweety Bird….

This country has gone fucking mad… Welcome to the Nanny State.

Nominated by: Norman

21 thoughts on “Modern parenting

  1. Spot on Lez and Norman,

    As I see it there is no such thing as modern parenting. The lazy, self centered fucktards that breed these horrible little shits are going to be in for the shock of their lives once little Hugo and Lily grow up to be rebellious, uncontrollable teenagers.

    It is the one-upmanship of these cunts at the school gates and social gatherings that irritates me more than anything else.

    “Oh yes, little Poppy-Pancetta has swimming on Monday, Cello practice Tuesday, Ballet on Wednesday, Brownies on Thursday, Friday is quiet revision evening and Saturday is football in sub zero temperatures down the local park. Sunday we farm our little darlings out to the grandparents, we need our quiet time too you know, arf arf!”

    No, you stupid stuck up middle class cunts. What you actually mean is that your horrible woolly headed little freaks (get that child a fucking hair cut. I can’t tell if it is girl or a boy) get right in the way of necking three bottles of Pinot every evening and you wish that you never had them, particularly since the last one turned the wife’s front bottom into a clown’s pocket with zero traction.

    In short you don’t want to see your hellspawn when they aren’t being looked after by someone else. I suppose once they no longer match the Laura Ashley curtains and wallpaper it is time to send them off to boarding school to be buggered by monks anyway.

    When they fuck up, backchat, singe the cat’s tail, purposely break something valuable, whine on and on about getting a fucking ipad for Christmas, accuse you of child abuse because you can’t afford the school skiing trip to Switzerland this year or generally act up in any way, shape or form – smack them. Hard, across the back of the legs.

    They will thank you for it later. As will I.

  2. Absolutely right. My parents used to beat the shit out of me in the 60’s. And frankly I deserved it. At Tipton Secondary Modern we were always given the choice: 200 lines or 20 lines on your arse. I always went for the lash, partly because I enjoyed and partly because I was a lazy cunt. Shame the school burnt down.

    • Pretty much the same at the public school I went to – except they called it ‘fagging’…

      • It was always fun to see a first year wandering around the corridors, and one of us older kids would shout in a booming teacher style voice: “YOU BOY!” The little fuckers would always jump about ten feet in the air…

        Most teachers were sadists in my youth… One cunt had ‘The Slipper’
        This teacher had a dirty great carpet slipper, with a hard rubber sole… And he was well handy with it… I remember being in a home economics class and the teacher asking someone to take a cup of tea down to old ‘Slipper’ Shaw…. I volunteered, and before I knocked on his office door I spat into the cunt’s cuppa half a dozen times and then I watched him drink it…

        • Slipper, cane, rounders bat, hard hand, I had them all in my time in the dreadful Northern Comprehensive school system.
          I can only wonder why my career never took me in the direction of being an MP Norman

  3. I am absolutely staggered to find that the unutterable cunt Giles Fraser has never been nominated.
    Hardly a fucking day goes by without the fatuous moon-faced gurning cunt picking up an appearance fee from the BBC on Radio 4 when they want some cunt to blether , without need of being prompted, mealy-mouthed lefty platitudes to convince us that God votes Labour , Jesus takes the Guardian, UKIP are the spawn of the Devil and The Tories are slaughtering the Firstborn all over again by way of the….wait for it…..”cuts”.
    Surely no other cunt has ever launched a career with so little talent entirely on the basis that he got sacked for not doing the job he was hired for.
    Christ…what a cunt.

  4. Paul Scholes can fuck right off… Hardly said a word during his playing days, but now we can’t shut the fucker up… More Class of 92 sour grapes/bitterness over LVG only keeping Giggsy and fucking the rest of them off… The Ginger Gremlin is now saying that United under LVG is ‘miserable’…. I was there in 1974: when King Denis backheeled and we went down… My old man was there in 1958: when the plane crashed… That was United misery, you ginger cunt… And Paul Scholes calling anyone or anything miserable is fucking rich….

  5. Fucking tell me about it! I work with and have been giving lifts to a spoilt arrogant, irreverent, self-absorbed, narcassistic, entitled, little pencil neck cunt who lacks any self-awareness and smokes strong ganja on his breaks and has been smoking it since he was 13 which along with his upbringing may explain why he seems to demand immediate satisfaction, wants things his own damn way and is possibly a psychotic/sociopath (we work at a factory and the other day when my finger got caught and damn-near crushed in the machine, rather than running for help/the big red button he laughed his arse off). His apology was also completely self-serving and lacked any real sincerity.

    Fuckflake (as we shall call him) seems quite intelligent and understands manners and common decency but has no idea how to put them into practice.

    Fuckflake is sadly also a victim of the modern education system as he has been thoroughly indoctrinated with leftwing, PC, multi-culti bullshit which was evidenced the other day by his reaction to somebody who made a statement about muslims Fuckflake didn’t like. Fuckflake shouted over said person (who was trying to clarify his postion with an indepth explanation) and precious little Fuckflake just wouldn’t hear him and stormed out because apparently only Fuckflake is allowed to speak unhindered. Intolerant, selfish, entitled lefty cunt!

    Even if a future government does sanitise the education system of all leftist, cultural marxist dogma, kids like Fuckflake will be beyond deprogramming and beyond help.

    • Oh damn! Forgot to put obstinate in there too! That is the best word to describe him.

      I was talking with my supervisor after the incident and even he said that this current crop of young people are pretty much all the same save for the odd exception to the rule.

    • Got it right there. After “retiring” from Industry at 33 (read “burned out”), I became a lecturer, full of enthusiasm for raising the next crop of cannon fodder for the Graphics industry. Swiftly found out that the Arse-spanking that I had in my youth (and unlike Flaxen Saxon, did NOT enjoy) has gone the way of all good traditions of the discipline persuasion and said Yoof of today are a bunch of self-centred, selfish, spoiled and surly brats, who think the world owes them a living. For that I blame the left wing teaching methods forced on teachers and years of saying that being good at English or Maths didn’t matter, where competitiveness was discouraged and equality and diversity was king.
      Biting the Educational guru’s now that they realise we have a generation of illiterate and innumerate school leavers. I moreover blame the parents of these kids, who are either too stupid themselves, too lazy to push their offspring or just spoil them to make up for the lack of attention they give them.

      • I know what you mean! I was born in 1982 and was absolutely shit scared of my very strict Dad & yet he never once struck me – it was my Mum who dished out the bitch-slaps.

        I since found out in my latter adult years from my Dad that he hated his Dad for beating him black and blue for the misdemeanour of going into the pantry and robbing biscuits during the closing days of rationing.

        That is why he always preferred the threat of violence over the implementation of it (kind of like the threat of an Sergeant Major’s inspection which never occurs even when you are stood next to your scratcher for an hour).

        That being said, I am ex-Army and that horrid little shite has expressed an interest in going into the forces but I haven’t the heart to tell him that he has neither the bollocks nor the fucking discipline to get past selection seeing as how being given a seemingly pointless and irrational order and questioning it until the Corporal admits he is wrong will not be of benefit to Fuckflake. Cunt won’t listen though because……… ya know………. cunt.

        • Additional: In response to your latter point about equality and diversity I am all for it (within reason).

          I consider myself a secular, right-of-centre, classical liberal, egalitarian, libertarian who believes in equality of opportunity over equality of outcome.

          With regards to my stance on diversity – assimilable ethnic and cultural diversity = bangtidy………… cultural marxism in obedience to moral relativism = dogwank.

    • Never heard of him before. Certainly seems like a cunt from looking at Wikipedia. If you’d like to elaborate I’d be more than happy to publish it frankly…

  6. Fred Talbot is a cunt…
    Yet another ‘loveable eccentric character’ off the telly…
    Which basically means yet another sick as fuck predatory nonce cunt hiding in plain sight behind the ‘nice guy’ image: à la Savile, Hall, Cosby, Gary Shitter and Jake The Fucking Peg…

    It makes one think of how many of these kiddyfuckers there actually are… All these cunts got top jobs on television or in the entertainment business… I wonder how many producers, executives and the like at the Beeb, Granada and elsewhere there are that were ‘in on the secret?’ I bet there’s a whole fucking network that would make The X Files ‘Syndicate’ look like monks…

    • Of course there is a network of these kiddie fiddling cunts, in order to protect themselves they surround themselves with like minded fuckers. Read only this week about some has been pop star who got his big break after running away to London aged 15 . Fucking Rent boy , that’s what that means.

  7. I used to get the odd clipp around the ear when I was a young’n and it doesn’t stop there. The missus still gives me a clout if I misbehave. I hate Valentine’s day but I thought I better get her a card or I’ll be in the fucking dog house again. Anyway I went to the local corner shop picked up a Valentine’s card which had the price on the back and plonked the card on the shop counter face down showing the price stupidly thinking he wouldn’t realise it was a Valentine’s card. “So who’s the lucky lady” said the shopkeeper. So jokingly I said “you’ll find out in the morning when your wife opens this.” Then he started ranting in raving in in fucking punjabi. Whoops time for a sharp exit in case my head gets sliced off. Tut, no sense of humour !

  8. We had some great teachers at my school, Old Barry the English teacher was a full blown alcoholic, he fucking stank of whiskey.
    Every time the bell went for the end of the lesson we used to shout ‘Last orders ladies & gentlemen, please’
    If he ever tried to give you detention you would accept it, but then never turn up after school and the old cunt was so pissed he never remembered!

    We also had a menopausal geography teacher who was unbelievably easy to make cry, 10 mins of fucking about and she would have a breakdown and be in tears.
    One day whilst this was happening another teacher (man) came in to see what was happening, he had a bit of a reputation of being a hard bastard and my mate Ashley carried on fucking about, the teacher picked up a coconut and launched it at his head missing by mere inches, needless to say he that teacher was not seen ever again lol

  9. Fuck me yet again. Back in a pub earlier in the week, pretty late in the evening, trying to relax and have a decent meal and a drink after a three hour drive…yet again fucking cunt new-age parents letting their fucking rodent kids scream the place down and tear-arse all over the place while they sit there with a fucking smug self satisfied grin and necking bottles of wine down their affluent fucking necks. This has clearly become a national fucking epidemic? The kids then start wailing because they’re overtired…no shit Sherlock. Fucking brats nearly knocked over the staff several times.

    Message to parents: Stop trying to run your day nursery in a fucking pub and put your young kids to bed, you arrogant self entitled cunts. “I hope I’m not bothering you?” “Yes you’re a pain in my bollocks you school-run cock”. This isn’t rocket science. Stop punching out kids to brag to the mumsnet brigade. No wonder their twats look like Gandalf’s sleeve. What in the blue wank has happened with today’s world?

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