Tim Cook


Apple’s Tim Cook is a global scale cunt.

The sanctimonious twat, who is employing Chinese slave labour to assemble his iPhones for $5, sells that shit here for $1000.

Nominated by: Lord Cuntingdong

( …and we’re the biggest cunts for buying them? )

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  1. Now if only the cunt Hislop would publish a couple of cartoons satirising Islam… (he doesn’t have the balls though).

    • Thought we were promised a cunting orf Paul Dacre FW or did I miss it?
      Bye the bye if any sportsman is interested there are a few job vacancies over in Paris at the moment. Some outfit name orf Charlie Hebdo or some such. Ability to draw and an interest in Islamic art an advantage.

      • We did cunt Dacre in October 2009 but I guess that’s not the one you’re referring to! Not aware of a new one…

      • Yeah, I’m making a case for the Daily Mail’s Paul Dacre being the cunt who outcunts all others. It needs to be comprehensive so I’m taking my time. Watch this space.

  2. Special 20th anniversary cunting: Matthew Simmons is a cunt…

    This badly dressed, loudmouthed, racist Palace gobshite got everything he deserved that night at Selhurst Park….. It was a great drop kick and then a cracking punch from Eric… The way this despicable little fucker got his 15 minutes (with the help of those cunts at The Sun): acting the wronged and innocent loveable ordinary joe football fan was sickening… Turns out Simmons was/is scum of the lowest order… Offences for racism, assault, robbery and apparently girlfriend beating… Cantona got more coverage than OJ Simpson and Fred West combined (sorry, Fred). Yet Simmons was treated like some sort of working class hero… It wouldn’t surpirise me if this odious cunt put his head above the parapet to get a few quid 20 years after the event… If he does we (as reds) will be more than happy to reacquaint ourselves with him……

    • Is really 20 years since Kwai Chang Cantona dropped that little sack of shit? Wow, time really does fly. I can still remember when the victim of one of that dick’s robberies came forward and put the record straight. Simmons disappeared back into obscurity fairly quickly after that.

      • I was at Selhurst that night (it was Andy Cole’s debut). Unseen because of the crowd, Paul Ince also gave Simmons a slap. I also remember the old witch who was laughing next to Simmons… Her name was Kathy Churchman and she also acted all distraught and holier than thou in the press… She was stupid enough to appear on Granada TV. The great Tony Wilson chewed her up and spat her out… Churchman did her upset routine. Tony looked at her stone faced and said ‘But you were laughing when Simmons was being racist’. The old slagwagon denied this. So Tony told the crew to roll the tape… Lo and behold, she was there: laughing her saggy old tits off at Simmons and his antics… God bless you, Tony…

    • I’m a born and bred scouser and Liverpool fan but when I saw Eric go kung fu on the cunt I’ve always thought “well in lad”

  3. I’ve never bought anything that Apple have made, so I cant really comment on how good/bad iphones and ipods are. From what I’ve heard of cook though, the word “cunt” could have been invented for him. Actually, it was invented for Jobs, but he’s not with us anymore. Cook is wearing his crown now though.

    • 😀 Kudos for buying Vinyl 🙂
      Didn’t Apple have the audacity to try and claim copyright infringement on Apple Records? a company that was founded in 1968, when Steve Jobs was not even in High School.

      Yo could not make that shit up. Fuck Apple and their sub standard fucking slave labour products that cost 3pence to make but £500 to buy.

      I never have or never will own anything made by those silicon valley cunts.
      The only apple I will ever consume is a nice Granny Smith or Golden Delicious.

      Rot In Piss (RIP) Steve Jobs

  4. Je suis Charlie hypocrites

    The Islamic terror attacks on French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo have rightfully provoked widespread condemnation. But many of those lining up to vocalise their commitment to free speech actually don’t really believe in it. “Any society that’s serious about liberty has to defend the free flow of ugly words, even ugly sentiments,”pontificated a Guardian editorial within hours of the attack despite the paper’s editor, Alan Rusbridger, recently endorsing statutory state regulation of the UK press during the Leveson Enquiry. Now Nick Clegg tweets (in French, no less) his “attachement à la liberté d’expression”. Ed Miliband also banging on about “freedom of speech”. Three years ago both of them sought to implement state regulation of the press in this country.

    But first prize for freedom of speech BS goes to French President Francois Hollande who claimed that free speech is a right “guaranteed and protected by the Republic” M Le President conveniently forgetting that Hara Kiri Hebdo was banned by the French government in 1970 for taking the piss out of Charles de Gaulle – the magazine changed its name to Charlie Hebdo in order to continue publishing.

    All of these windbags believe the same thing that Islamic terrorists do – that ideas they disagree with should be suppressed. And claiming otherwise makes them cunts.

    • Oh dear, someone else has swallowed the Mail/Sun/Telegraph’s bullshit scaremongering. NO ONE endorsed “state regulation of the Press” at any point during Leveson, nor is that what Leveson himself recommended, nor is that the function of the Royal Charter (agreed by cross-party consensus). Do yourself a favour – read the Leveson transcripts, not Mail editorials.

    • While I’ve not yet found Rusbridger’s evidence, here are the pertinent recommendations in the Executive Summary to Part One of the Leveson Inquiry (screenshots of the actual document which I have in pdf form):


      You’ll notice how radically it differs from the blatant lies promulgated by the Mail, Sun and Telegraph. But then there has been a concerted conspiracy by certain sections of the media to wilfully misrepresent the facts regarding Leveson in order to suit the agenda of the papers in question – this is not a mere assumption on my part, I’ve actually compared media “reports” with what was actually said at Leveson. Very few newspapers indeed have reported the unbiased truth of the Leveson Report: more often than not, it’s just the usual ludicrous scaremongering lies.

      The recommendations (which are broadly incorporated into the Royal Charter) do not “regulate the Press” in way, shape or form. What is required is a mechanism to determine that SELF-regulation by the Press is truly independent and truly free of interference from Editors, politicians or any other powerful vested interests, which has always been the problem in the past. Unsurprisingly, the old PCC (newly rebranded as IPSO) which was so thoroughly discredited during the Leveson evidence was run by a small cabal dominated by Paul Dacre and lieutenants of Rupert Murdoch, as well as a couple of Murdoch/Dacre-friendly Tory peers. Paul Dacre who co-drafted the Editors Code is also Editor of the “newspaper” responsible for the most frequent transgressions of that code and, coincidentally, also dominates the PCC/IPSO. Is it any wonder then that the Daily Mail has never received any meaningful censure? If you had your house burgled, how would you feel if the policeman to whom you reported the crime, as well as the prosecuting counsel and the judge was the very same burglar? How confident would you feel about getting justice (or even a fair, unbiased investigation)..?

      When the tabloids (led by Dacre and Murdoch) complain that the Royal Charter will lead to “political interference” they wilfully neglect to report that the Charter contains mechanisms which make such interference absolutely impossible; they also neglect to say that the PCC/IPSO has always been – and continues to be – partly run by friendly Tory peers. The stench of hypocrisy is repugnant. And as for the lie that Leveson only came about because of the colourful private lives of Steve Coogan and Hugh Grant, that is equally disingenuous. There were hundreds of core participants to the Inquiry, and very few indeed were famous. Most were ordinary, blameless individuals wrongly identified, targeted and vilified by a feral, sensationalist tabloid press which regarded itself as above the law. There is a necessity for proper and proportionate redress when mistakes are made. It’s not about “state regulation” and it’s not about compromising “freedom of speech” or any other bullshit, despite what Murdoch and Dacre want you to believe.

      Despite their very vocal protestations, the tabloids have no interest in “freedom of speech” or the exposure of “public interest” scandals. They are engaged in a display of power designed to impress, intimidate and influence. And it’s the loss of this power and influence they fear, hence all the lying and desperate scaremongering in order to hang on to it.

      (This isn’t the Dacre cunting, by the way. That’s on its way…)

  5. I resisted Apple as overpriced shite for decades. Then I bought a MacBook for £1,200 when I intended to buy a PC for £600 and rather strangely I’ve never regretted it.

    I resisted the temptation to buy an iPod when my MP3 player packed up and got a really good substitute for £50 rather than paying £250 for an Apple. Since then my son in law has given me his old 30Gb iPod Classic which has admittedly been round the block a few times. I replaced the screen for £12 and while I had it in pieces spend £3 on a new battery.

    I am forced to admit that it sounds bloody good and I can feel and hear the quality – good product but still grossly overpriced.

    Conclusion? Mixed feelings if I’m honest. With hindsight I would have paid £100 for a 30Gb iPod but not £250+

    • I’d be surprised if a 30Gb iPod ever cost more than £100. Even the 160Gb version only cost £169.

      • 160Gb currently changing hands at £750 since they discontinued the iPod Classic. A new iPod Touch is about £248 which is ludicrous. Personally I dislike touch screens on these things but we’re being forced to have them…

      • Just out of interest, I did a bit of research.
        The 5th Gen iPod Classic sold at US$299 and the 60Gb at US$399 when it was launched in October 2005. The 160Gb in 2007 was cheaper at US$349

        I’ve ‘inherited’ the 30Gb 5th Gen. By contrast the current price of an iPod touch 32Gb is £185 and the 64Gb £300 on Amazon. I have a 32Gb Evodigitals touch-like mp3 that I paid £48 for (also on Amazon) and it includes an SD card slot so it’s infinitely expandable. I confess I prefer the wheel control on the iPod to a touch screen, but sadly the iPod Classic is now no more. Such a shame IMHO. Incidentally, for anyone looking for a decent lower cost alternative, the Evodigitals is very good…

  6. I have to admit liking and using Apple products, simply because the OS tends to be more stable and more user friendly than Microsoft’s bloated offerings. They are ludicrously overpriced though.
    If buying an apple product (3rd hand in my case) makes me a cunt, I can live with that. I wonder if those people who refuse to buy their products on this basis are aware of the raft of other companies with an equally bad exploitation record in the 3rd world, from companies like Samsung?

    • Indeed, Lez. Makes Windows look like the piece of shite it is. Basically, IOS is just Unix with a X windows front end.

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