Lenny Henry [2]

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I used to like Lenny Henry. Then he got old, and became a bitter, twisted, hypocritical cunt. He’s constantly whingeing about how there aren’t enough black/minority faces on television. And that the likes of Idris Elba have to got to the US to get television work. He forgot to mention though, the Idris got paid far more for The Wire, than he would have done if it had been a British show. And Idris himself has never complained.

So, he whinges about Britain being racist, because he thinks there aren’t enough black faces on television. Then he goes on radio four and picks a production that doesn’t have a single white face. He did this knowing full well that he would be opening himself up to claims of racism. I think he did it to try to stop people calling him that. The fact remains though, that by ignoring a white person in the same way he claims black and minority people are ignored, he’s made himself a weapons grade hypocrite, and a cunt.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

4 thoughts on “Lenny Henry [2]

  1. About as funny as finding out your babysitter when your were a child was Gary Glitter!
    And he married that fucking fat old pig Dawn French, now that was a marriage to hide the truth: he likes the cock and is often seen on Hampstead Heath “cottaging” with George Micheal, Graham Norton, Dale Winton & Stephen Fry & his choirboy husband

  2. Fucking fat unfunny wog, usuall wheeled out for kiddy fiddlers in need, now the only work he can get is doing an dvert with the premier inn asleep on a bed, says it all really – black useless cunt should fuck off back to bongo land!

  3. there’s only one thing wrong with this snoring racist t**t, his eyesight ~ because until ‘Goodness gracious me!’ came along he was still thinking he was ‘white’. it must have come as quite a shock to him.

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