The Leader of the Free World


The last several Presidents of the wonderful U S of A have all been cunts. Obama is sure shaping up to be one. George Bush was the perfect epitome of a cunt. Bill Clinton skull fucked a big fat cunt.

I’ll bet, though, that some of the goons criticizing him the loudest did a lot more than skull fuck a cunt in their offices. I wonder how many other presidents (cunts) skull fucked a cunt (or something else) while they held office the good ol’ voters, never knew a thing about it????

Nominated by: Jim Something Or Other

10 thoughts on “The Leader of the Free World

  1. I think almost all of them are/were cunts…. Jack Kennedy, Dicky Nixon, Ronnie Reagan… George Washington was probably a cunt too (he wore a stupid wig)… Also Lincoln could be a bit of a twat apparently…

    • Tricky Dicky will get my vote every time for sheer screw you cussed cuntishness although what he did re Watergate pales against Kennedy and Lyndon B Johnson napalming the gooks in ‘nam. Here is the classic “I’m not a crook” scene from his Congressional Investigation:

  2. Obama has to be the contender for prime cunt tho’. If only for interfering with the affairs of Europe and cozening the UK into staying within the EU, for purely American interests. Also, his love of the French and his distaste for the UK, despite our pandering to USA diplomacy in the matter of overseas conflict.
    On the subject of the EU, I’d like to nominate the Greek Nation for a severe cunting. Faced with the austerity that we have all had to suffer and through in large measures their own profligate ways, excess pensions, tax evasion and fiscal mismanagement generally, then getting a huge bailout to shore up their economy, the blighters now cheerfully announce they intend NOT to pay it back, thanks to their new lefty government.
    Time we sent a few gunboats to teach the “Zorbas” a lesson

    • It’s not hard to understand why Obama hates Britain so much, when you know that his cunt of a paternal grandfather was a Mau Mau terrorist. What’s less hard to understand, is why he’s spent the past 8 years trying to hide his hatred.

      Obama, as my Texan grandfather would have said, is a “big sack of horse shit”.

    • Not to worry Lez, they have just elected a Communist to run things for them.

      Its not like the situation is going to improve for them any time soon for that very reason.

      • This is true, if Greece’s new government bought the Sahara desert within 5 years there would be a sand shortage

  3. I feel George W is the most despicable cunt, making his sexual relations with Blaire creating thé monster that we are all left with being those cunts of Isis.

    But yes the Nation of Geece and all the tax dodging greasballs that have refused to contribute toward the debt they have caused to now – typically say- they will not pay and drag all further in leaves them in no other postion than a right counting.

  4. Yes, the whole Islam hates the west started just a few years ago because of Bush & Blair…Jesus fucking wept.
    Are any of you people aware of the history of the Middle East since oil was discovered?
    Go read up you imbeciles, just look at the different maps year on year of the region as oil was discovered & also the mass mustard gassing from the air to secure the regions.

    David Starkey would not be impressed with your knowledge of history (and he is a prime BBC cun too)

    • Lets get this straight. the UK enjoyed sound diplomatic relations between Saudi, Kuwait and Egypt for many years, despite their somewhat barbaric codes of conduct with criminals (check out your history). You are confusing the Arab states with the Islamic faith. Islam hates the West because it does not subscribe to the enslaving of women, the stoning, beheading, suppression of other faiths and the acts of the morality police.
      Bush and Blair may well have exacerbated the situation but irrespective of that, Islam would have kept pushing for more “religious tolerance” and by that read “eradication of all other faiths”.
      Islam is the archetypal “spoiled brat” of civilisation, screaming and going on the rampage when it is thwarted, mocked or castigated, nothing to do with oil.
      Imbecile? No matey but you are one stupid cunt

  5. Yes Cunt in fact after living 20 years in the oil cesspits that are the Middle east working for both the towel heads and UK/US on the Oil Fields I do in fact. No cunt wanted to cut my head off in Iraq, Pakistan or an other Arab state even ten years ago. It was never the same from GW 2 so what is the fucking reason?

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