5 thoughts on “Alex Salmond [7]

  1. Not only is he a right cunt……he is a fucking Scottish cunt of cunts.

    Rebuild the wall that Hadrian built and let the cunts fester alone.

  2. As i think Norman referred to them the “Porridge Wogs” have got more out of staying within the UK than going it alone. The (questionable) north sea oil revenues must have paled into insignificance when faced with them losing the grants and subsidies that the British taxpayer shells out each year.
    The Welsh know which side their bread is buttered on, which is why they might scowl at tourists in their doleful villages but they value the trade of the “Saes Twll”.

  3. That Mark Chapman from MOTD2 is a bit of a cunt.
    Typical twat, trying to be all matey with the footballers on the panel, his banter misses the mark spectacularly.
    At least Colin Murray could carry that off.
    So, he can fuck off to cuntland as far as I’m concerned

  4. Went out for a little swigaroo last night in my local. Quietly having a Ginger Grouse when in walk some rowdy so-and-so’s, you know the type, tattoos and hipster beards (cunts). It didn’t take long for the twits to make their way over to myself and the beautiful Mrs O’MaCunto, when one of these arse-holes plonked his trilby on my head (I mean a fucking TRILBY! On a night out! What an unforgivable cunt). Well, I charmed these fine young gentlemen with a ‘Nice one, now please fuck off lads’, quite polite of me considering the situation I thought, and upon looking around, the cunts soon discovered it wasn’t the sort of establishment that ‘selfies’ and putting fucking Creed on the jukebox would be accepted. They soon made their way to the exits, departing with a cheeky ‘Yeah, you can keep the hat mate!!’, and off they went on their merry way, sure to end up fingering some transgender looking filly en route to a kebab house.
    Anyway, then the Mrs turns to me and says ‘You look like Olly Murs in that hat’. Therefore, it is with great regret that I must cunt myself for resembling that bag of shit. What a fucking dreadful end to the week.

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