Jools Holland [2]


The Biggest Cunt Out Of All Of Them Is That Thumping Turd Who Thinks He’s So Good On the Piano… Cunt Face Penguin Jools Cunt Holland – Complete And Utter Cunt – As much talent as a dead rat.

Contrite Cunt – He should be eaten by Zulus! Useless Cunt.

Nominated by: Makumba

That little toad, Jools Holland, has got his usual array of horsemuck for his (filmed in November) Hootenanny…. Spice Girl, Mel C (there’s a coup!), tuneless Jocks, The Proclaimers, Lisa Stansfield (playing All Around The World for the umpteenth time!), Ray Davies (loved The Kinks. But he’s knackered now!) and Ruby Turner (there’s a fucking surprise!).

In other words, no big names whatsoever… Must be thankful, mind you… At least that atonal mockney bint, Lily Allen isn’t on it… Her cunt of a dad probably will be though…

Nominated by: Norman

6 thoughts on “Jools Holland [2]

  1. God Almighty.
    Who chooses his guests? Jools Holland, after the demise of that waste of space Paula Yates had a golden opportunity to ressurect at least some of the magic that was the “Old grey whistle test” ( In Whispering Bob style, not that awful bint Nightingale), instead, they drag up, like the undead zombies, half baked talentless has-beens and worn out pensioners.
    The Proclaimers Norman, deserve a cunting of their own

  2. Met him on several occasions.

    Actually a really nice guy with a love of classic cars and an ear for the working man.

    Difficult to cunt apart from the fact he rents a place to that racist piece of shit Lenny Henry.

  3. I hear Wilko is on the show so that is the only reason I’ll tune in.
    The rest of the cùnts can go fuck with their New Years greetings filmed months ago.

    • Just caught it on iPlayer. Good to see Wilko up and about. Like he said when talking the the Jools cunt “I didn’t expect to see 2015 so I’m just glad to be here.” Well said mate!

      Mind you, wouldn’t it have been ironic if having recorded the show back in October, he’d died before it was broadcast?

  4. I would like to have seen the BBC talk their way out of that one. Maybe they would have changed the name to Jool’s Ghostenanny

  5. I think I put last year’s line up in my cunting instead of the 2014 one… Not much difference, as it’s always shit…. As for the most recent one, Son of Hucknall, Ed Sheeran butchering a Stevie Wonder classic. And that Elllie Goulding tart: murdering the other four Jacskon brothers with her version of ‘Blame It On The Boogie’….

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