Sperm Banks


Sperm Banks – where the Wankers meet the Bankers

Blimey O’Reilly more trouble in the banking sector, this time the National Sperm Bank (and apparantly there is one) is running oit orf sperm. Importing sperm from legoland (Denmark cunts) and yankland to make up the deficit. Seems the fillies cannot get enough orf it, rationing ect ect, having to go private and so orn.

All doine to the fillies going self employed. Spot orf the old turkey baster in place orf a genuine bit orf cock. Such times we live in. British manhood spurned. Dyke and poofta couples and single professional women all demanding progeny but not in the time honoured fashion. Ladies, Sir Limply is at your service offering a spot orf vintage spunk at very reasonable rates.

Habitues orf this blog, this is your call to arms, your opportunity to put your wanking to the national good. The Eye alone must produce pints orf the stuff every time he does a spot orf geeking on this site. So cum orn cunters, wipe orf your keypads, suck in your bellies and tickle the old todger. Do some quantative easing and make your donation to the Wank Bank. Your country needs you.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

6 thoughts on “Sperm Banks

  1. The great Barry Humphries (in the guise of Australian Cultural Attaché, Dr Sir Leslie Colin Patterson) does a routine about the man who attempted to rob a sperm bank, but was caught “white-handed”.

  2. Comes to something when good old British Jizz is in short supply and we need to import cheap foreign muck with doubtful pedigree. We produce the biggest wankers in the world, from politicians to celebrities, generations of Catholic schoolboys have grown up pulling their puds and nary a red blooded British man has not, at one time or another made an illicit visit to Mrs Palm and her daughters.

    It is therefore in the national interest to get down to the local branch of the wank bank and make a small deposit to save national pride

    (Do they still pay for donations?)

  3. Fucking hell we’re importing sperm from abroad, seems like another way of smuggling imigrants into Britain !

    • Yes and border control can do bugger all to stop the tide of Eastern European, Welsh and Ginger sperm seeking a safe have here

  4. Fuck me ! Before long there will be ginger black men walking about as well as as blonde chinks and fuck knows what else. We’ll be living amongst freaks !

  5. Ed Sheeran walks the earth, it has already started.
    On a different note, I’d like to offer up the breed known as Trotters for a cunting. Not the Del and Rodney Trotters, but the halfwit Gypsies, who think it their god given right to bring the traffic to a standstill by clopping down the road in a ramshackle cart that looks like it was built by a 7 year old, pulled by a worn out nag with severe bowel issues and driven, by what looks like the extras from the film Deliverance.
    After pissing other road users off royally and said nag having decorated the tarmac with a feces fresco, they then pull a U turn and start on the other side of the road.
    An extra half hour to get home and another hour to jetwash the horseshit from under the car and I’ll bet these gippos are claiming benefits at my expense.

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