Robbie Williams [5]


Anyone see that Robbie Williams birthing horror show?

What a self-obsessed, talent-less, shit smirking cunt.

The fact that piece of greasy shit actually planned to video and display to the world his wifes (OK, she gets what she deserves for marrying that prick) most intimate and special moment just so he can get publicity and make it about him beggars fucking belief.

Nominated by: Cunt O’MaCunto

It just shows what a cunt like Robbie will do for a bit of publicity. Really stooped low with that one. What a cunt. A fucking crap singer as well.

Nominated by: Cuntface

( Take that, you fucker... )

8 thoughts on “Robbie Williams [5]

  1. Richard Branson, and Virgin Galactica are in need of a cunting.

    Not because they crashed his dream ship, he would have known he was a cunt when he woke to the news and saw it scattered all over the desert.

    Seeing that cunt Bieber, Russel Brand, Katie Perry, Angelina Jolie just to name a few would have been the first passengers, what better news could we have had than those cunts being on board.

    • Branson is a bearded cunt for not being on his fucking space ship when it crashed.

    • Had Jolie, Bieber Perry and the loathsome Brand been aboard the craft, forensics would have to spend ages sorting out the ship from the wreckage.
      So Sir Richard, when you plan your next interstellar fuck up, please invite some selected guests to play the role of crash test dummies. I humbly suggest:
      Eric Pickles (for maximum splat effect)
      Jo and Russell Brand
      Jihadi John
      Justin Bieber
      and as many paedo’s as you can fit in once you evict the illegal immigrants, who will no doubt be stowing away

  2. Robbie Williams was the twat in Take Twat….or was that Gary Barlow? Close call. Anyway his newborn needs a godfather….Max Clifford, Rolf Harris, Leon Brittan?

      • Sagacious as ever. While we have you this t shirt bizzo “This is what a Feminist looks like” has been getting right up me jacksy. Calls surely for a spot orf your photoshop wizardry. “This is what a Cunt looks like” on Milliband, Clegg and orf course Cameron would make an old man very happy (unless you have already done it on your other place). Excellent opportunity for a spot orf Isacunt mechandising as well donchathink?

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