Commission based selling


Parasite shite hair cunt commission based outfits that cold call on pensioners and benefits inbreeds flogging “eco” boilers or thermal roof panels or insulation or new roofs or new driveways ect ect at one time only special discount prices with – you’ve guessed it – “free fitting”.

What a bunch of cunts.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

Used car salesman are cunts too. Fell on hard times a few years ago and traded my car in for “quality used car ?” Turned out it was fucking death trap. Cost me a fucking fortune in the long run. Cunts the fucking lot of them !

Nominated by: Cuntface

Door to door salesen? Should set the dogs on the scum. I had an issue with a salesman from well known double glazing company. Could not get rid of him, he tried every trick in the book except offer his arse to secure the deal and I’ll bet he’d have done that if I hadn’t managed to push him out of the door.

Nominated by: Captain Japseye

6 thoughts on “Commission based selling

  1. I 100% agree with the above sentiments, but I was just reminded that Mrs Browns Boys is a slurry pit of talentless, unfunny cunts. I didn’t laugh as men dressed as women when I was 7 so I ain’t gonna laugh at that gurning prick now. Plus how he’s employed his useless, ugly as fuck, inbred kin to populate the shower of shit show (probably because Ireland doesn’t legitimately allow people to be employed who have the equivalent mental capacity of a pouffe) disgusts me. Nepotistic oirish cunts so they are.

  2. Just heard the rather delicious news that the homicidal legless crippled cunt Oscar Pistorius cannot be considered for home release because the cry baby killer has no ankles. Apparently South African law does not allow electronic tags to be attached to prisoner’s wrists, only their ankles. Oh please Lord let it be true. Note to fellow prisoners: do be careful when you go to the khazi.

  3. I hope they throw the key away on the murderous South African cunt… I also hope he has a brick shithouse of a cellmate, who has a liking for margarine…

    i remember when a windows salesman came to our house. It had only been three weeks after my mother had died from cancer. I told this cunt that we had just experienced a major death in the family, but it didn’t deter the soulless parasite. He kept mithering and trying to get a sale… When I threatened to nod him one the cunt finally fucked off…

  4. Tesco are (as we know) monumental cunts. But their latest tasteless sales scheme takes the absolute piss… A Rememberance Pizza? With two pieces of pepperoni and an olive representing a poppy? If the lads who fought for Blighty all those years ago could see what Britain would become in 2014, I don’t think they would have bothered…

    • Tesco are indeed monumental cunts for this. I’m only surprised they didn’t market it with an even more tasteless tagline. If they could get away with selling barbecues to commemorate the bombing of Hiroshima I’d bet they would do it.
      Tesco were of course quick to lay the blame on “rogue employees”. (yeah… right!). Apparently the twatter crowd were quick to join in with mindless quips, which considering anyone who uses Twitter is a cunt beyond redemption comes as no surprise I suppose.

      • I was in Hiroshima in the Peace Park and Bomb Museum. Our group had a bunch of American with us and by fuck where the Japs trying to lay on the guilt trip. One of our number turned round to the Japanese guide and said “Fuck you! I was at Pearl Harbour!”

        They also have the most tasteless T Shirt counter there. Pictures of mushroom clouds and “No more nukes!” and the like. They offer a customising service. Pick your shirt and they’ll put any wording you want on it for you. I asked if I could have any wording. The painfully polite Nip assured me I could have absolutely anything I wanted.

        I picked out a shirt with a picture of the Hiroshima explosion on it and said “Can I please have: Fuck ’em! Nuke the bastards!”

        Only time I’ve ever seen a Nip crack his face…

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