Band Aid


Band Aid 30 is a total cuntfest.

The intentions of the 1984 original may have been well meant (even though the song was shite!). But then there was the horrendous Stock/Aitken/Waterman version in 1989.

Then there was Band Aid 20 with a load of cunts, and now that scruffy, hypocritical tramp, Geldof wants to make Band Aid 30 – which means rehashing that awful song (like a bad version of the Z-Cars theme) with twats like Ed Sheeran, Coldplay and the smear of shit on the buttocks of popular music that is One Direction.

You can also bet your life that that enormous bellend, Simon Cowell will get involved.

Nominated by: Norman

…do they know it’s Christmas time at all?…

Don’t be a cunt! Of course they don’t – they’re muslims…!

Nominated by: Dioclese

12 thoughts on “Band Aid

  1. The Geldorf cunt has more “fucking money” than most. In the Richard Branson mould, the minge haired tosser has been buying and selling all his life. Controls a vast empire orf media related companies and activities through his holding company “Ten Alps”. Very good at self promotion through charidee, does the scruffy cunt actually put his hand in his own wank stained pocket? Oh no, that is for other mug punters to do.

    Have been arsed orf by the telethon industry for many a long year. Nothing original about it. Came out orf America in the 50s. Our old friend Jerry Lewis is a past master orf it. Pure self promotion.

  2. To clarify confusion (but not mine) this avatar crapola keeps calling me tuttifrutti for some God knows why fucking reason. Blood pressure a little high at the moment so do bear with me while I try to sort it out – if anyone really cares.

  3. Stupid, selfish, holier-than-though do-gooders who end up having their heads cut off in the Middle East need an apocalyptic cunting.

    Constant warnings from organisations and governments for people not from these places who end up sticking their fucking noses in to stay the fuck away just aren’t enough for these pricks.

    While their friends and family are wringing their hands daily over the stress of the announcement Jihadi John is standing over their loved ones headless corpses on Youtube, the likes of these ridiculous cunts who have spent their earlier years back-packing through Inuit country to find themselves feel duty bound to sit next to legless bomb victims and present a furrowed brow as if that will change the world. Worst thing is when the last sentence on the news report is ‘He leaves behind a wife and 4 children under 10’!!!

    Fucking stay at home and be a responsible adult you fucking selfish super cunts!!!

    • Some people are doing us a favour by accelerating natural selection.

      Anyone too thick to check the C.I.A. World fact book before travelling to some third world shit hole deserves to be forcibly removed from the gene pool.

  4. I recall the Boomtown Twats hadn’t had a hit in years. Yet they still got to do a full set at Live Aid, when the likes of Elvis Costello only got to do one number… Surely it would have made more sense (and money) if a bigger band was doing a full set, as opposed to Geldof and his tuneless munchkins? More proof that the thing was an ego wank for Geldof… Live 8 was even fucking worse… They’ve got a “Make Poverty History” banner across the stage and they’re giving away lavish goodie bags to rich cunts like Madonna (so much for doing it for free!), Brad Pitt (cunt) is tantruming because he hasn’t got his own trailer (Richard Curtis was thrown out of his trailer so Pitt could have it!) and Mariah Carey’s dogsbody is staggering onto the stage with her hands full because her majesty demands a little drinkie (anyone else would just have a bottle near the mic). There were more cunts in Hyde Park in July 2005 than is humanly possible…

    I also remember those milk adverts that “Sir” Bob did immediately after the 1984 Band Aid single. He wouldn’t have got his ugly mug on any TV ads if he hadn’t done that record… So he did cash in on it by raising his profile (and bank balance) and doing adverts, books and suchlike…

    The only good bit about the Band Aid (original) single is on the B Side: When David Bowie says “This is David Bowie” in his best David Bowie voice… The rest of it is utter shite. A bad version of the Z Cars theme… And don’t get me started on the yank version (We Are The World). Can you imagine the horror if cunts like Gaga, Katy Perry, Maroon 5, Beyonce Taylor Swif,t Kayne West etc did a USA For Africa 30?

  5. Geldof asked Adele to sing on the Band Aid record but she turned him down.. A fat cow singing “feed the world” that would have been a joke too far…

  6. Norman and all football professors – about time Blatter and FIFA were cunted over their fucking poor show re the Garcia report. What a carve up. Ignored Garcia’s findings orf corruption and found Blatter, Quatar and the Ruskies to be as white as the driven. Bugger me, and only the failed England bid is criticised.

  7. Couldn’t agree more, Sir. Blatter (and his bagman, Platini) are a disease that infests the game… Anyone who thinks that either Qatar or Russia got those World Cups without any sort of backhanders or dodgy deals is living in fairyland…. Even Stevie Wonder would be able to see that FIFA is a rotten and corrupt organization…. There are those commit the corruption, then there are others who are corrupt who cover up the original corruption… It is time governments from all over the world stepped in and helped to eradicate Blatter and the rest of those bent bastards…

  8. This latest Band Aid record will sell purely because of silly tarts who like One Direction… Apart from those irritating little tossers the line up is hardly filled with big names, is it? If one looks at the actual photo it’s more like who the fuck? than who’s who… Bono is there of course (I bet the rest of the U2 lads said fuck off when they were asked!) and Sinead O’ Connor? For fuck’s sake… Is British pop music really that hard up? I know the whale woman chav, Adele refused to take part, but a squawking Irish banshee as a replacement… Is that the best they could do? So much for “Friend Of The Stars” Geldof’s pulling power…

  9. I would very much like SIr Bob of Paddyland to do a live concert in Northern Iraq, supported by One Direction, Coldplay and Ed Sheeran, with ISIS as the concert security.

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