Mary Berry


Mary Berry is annoying, flakey skinned, botox ridden, mutton dressed as lamb. She thinks the world owes her adorance because she can bake a fucking cake, thinking she is everyone’s Nan.

Real Nans cook the fuck out of cakes, and get joy only giving them to those brave enough to try them. And thats what she should fuck off and do.

So you can BAKE, great, now fuck off and do it off my TV you cunt.

Nominated by: King Cunt

( and that Paul Hollywood’s a right cunt too!..)

9 thoughts on “Mary Berry

  1. Ditto her wrinkled old gob. The ancient trout looks like Yoda’s mother. With all her money, the old harridan should have had the decency to give botox and facelifts a go before appearing on TV to frighten the kids
    Paul Hollywood of course is a self satisfied pompous cunt of same kidney as Paxman and Clarkson.

  2. Desiccated fanny and ‘soggy bottom’ (from her leaking colostomy bag).

    But the real problem with shagging these old bags is their legs keep coming out the sockets on their hips.

  3. I bet she gives a great blow job when she takes her teeth out but I’d probably spew up if I had her ugly scraggy head on the end of my cock.

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