This ebola virus thing is a right cunt. Apparently incurable until some stupid yanks and brits catch it and get flown home for treatment with a drug that doesn’t exist because there’s no known cure.

If the end of the world is coming can we please get on with it? Too many people occupying too little land with not enough food. Something has to give. Nature needs to reset the balance. I had great hopes for Aids but that fizzled out. Maybe ebola is the answer?

Here’s a thought: Why don’t we round up all the infected people and fly them to Iraq and Syria to join the jihad? Makes perfect sense. Much cheaper than military intervention.

Expect some cunt will come up with a cure if it ever reaches America – which it will if they keep flying their own people home for treatment with that non-existent drug they’ve got. Stupid cunts.

Apocalypse Now. Keep calm and watch Brad Pitt movies…

Nominated by: Dioclese

6 thoughts on “Ebola

  1. It was already in America twenty odd years ago.

    Read ‘the hot zone’. You will shit bricks!

    It is a right cunt though.

  2. Christ Dioclese! That’s a cunting of the most nihilistic kind.
    Pity scientists could not modify the virus to infect only complete cunts, that would go a long way to redress some of the problems on the planet

  3. and it’s a right fackin’ cunt for not having d / w eu hq in Brussels. Idle bloody virus, pull your finger out, you wankstain!!

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