Abubakar Shekau


Came on the news film of a dodgy looking muslim terrorist cunt in Nigeria name of Abubakar Shekau wanking with one hand and tossing orf his cap with the other. Leader of some outfit calling itself Boko Haram – that name rings a bell.

Apparently made orf with about 200 schoolgirls. Now appreciate there’s a certain class of paedo cunt that is orf that persuasion (Sir Rolf, Jimmy, Maxie ect ect) and see that there could be a following for a freshly laundered school blouse in some circles, enough said, but abducting a whole school load of ‘em is hogging it rather and frankly asking for trouble. Needless to say Nigerian plod going round in circles looking to be bribed.

Heard the news announcer Johnny talking about Boko Harum – “A Darker Shade of Wog” – Well this is where the weird science comes in. Got duff ears so thought the geezer was talking about Procol Harum – ’60s band, one repetative hit “Whiter Shade of Pale” most people have heard orf, toured for decades, many different line ups, until really gave up the ghost around 2012. Had a few sherberts and zappo it came to me. Procol Harum = Boko Harum – one last tour, newish name, newish street cred lineup plus record to pay the care home fees. A certain, if somewhat risky, strategy to get publicity. Stranger things have happened

Thought the cunt was dead but still seems to be walking about. Dead man walking. Sounds like a good name for a thrash metal band

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

14 thoughts on “Abubakar Shekau

  1. I read the report that the cunt had been killed, and mindful that I had him in my dead pool list, was about to open a can of tennents super to celebrate.
    It appears that the ugly bastard has cheated not only death, but me into the bargain.

    • Tough titty old heart. No way orf knowing if it is the original crazed cunt but some dodgy swartzer using that name is around still and perpetrating not very nice acts of rape, mayhem and violence. Smart money has it there’s a bit orf a shooting gallery out there and as soon as gov forces take out one cunt another pops up in his place.

  2. Black girls start early. Even as fetuses they creep down the uterus and twerk their fat arses out of the cervix to get muh dikked (Russian doll style) by bucks penetrating the hole of their mammy.

    Those 200 skoo boons are probably all on their backs all the time pointing at black comedy penis and shouting, “gibs mi dat”.

  3. Fascinating! I had no idea that this forum was visited by such a learned gynecologist with an insight into the sexual predilections of the black fetus.

    Actually, what I really wanted to say was ” Ignorant bigoted and racist cunt”

  4. I blame them African countries’ despot dictator leaders. Fucking black hearted (as in fucking pure evil) psychos. The corrupt evil cunts misappropriate government department funds to buy guns and ammo to feed their rebel private armies hiding in the neighbouring country. The agenda is maybe historical revenge, tribal dominance, ownership of lands, exploitation of natural resources or people genocide.

    The rebel private army leader, (usually an ex-corporal-now-a-general wanna be next African ruler), then terrorize the enemy country. Butchering people and stealing their school kids is a favoured terror tactic.

    The rented people-butcher Abubakar Shekau is one of these rebel private army leaders. A Pure fucking evil cunt.

  5. Yes, the sort that use religion to justify their acts, of which hacking 6 year olds to death seems par for the course.

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