Sue Perkins


Sue Perkins urgently needs cunting. You cannot turn on the radio or television these days without encountering this desperately smug, woefully unfunny, third-rate k.d. lang tribute act. If ever someone deserved the full Jill Dando treatment, it’s Sue Perkins.

Nominated by: Fred West

Not in the pink, decidedly erascible you might say. Still stuck in bed with me leg up due to a spot of gout or some such. Forced to have the television on to drown out the sounds of the memsahib shagging the gardener. Poor sod. In between whiskies actually watch some of the shite. Get me money’s worth. Point is at my age the tv licence is free not that I ever bought one.

Why is this Sue Perkins bint on everything? Smarmy smirking superior on quiz shows, braying away on cooking shows with an opinion on everything and a knowledge of fuck all. The ugly chinless dyke spends most of her time when she is not barking at the camera swivelling and goggling her loon eyes through massive bins selecting fillies to shag once she has strapped on her dildo.

Perhaps that is it. In Cameron’s Britain she represents the token dyke. Bloody lot of tokens around if you ask me.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

17 thoughts on “Sue Perkins

  1. Urrrghhh !!! That’s got to be a geezer with his tackle tucked between his legs ? Fucking horrific that

  2. And now it seems the BBC have gone and chosen a dyke to run the operation… Is it time to cunt the BBC and its leftist approach, which of course is really when you spend other peoples money on building a minority utopia.

  3. Anyone with a Maori tattoo is a cunt.
    I go swimming during the week, and the state of some of the fat bloated cunts who splosh into the pool has to be seen to be believed….but they have a confidence that they simply don’t warrant having, and it’s all because they have these fucking ridiculous Moari tattoos on their arm and shoulder….and most ridiculously of all, their calf.
    Wise the fuck up, you daft cunts.
    It’s not cool, it’s not hard, and when you are old and wrinkly, as well as fat, white and blotchy, you’ll look like an even bigger prick.
    Get a Bazooka gum transfer instead if you need some ink.

  4. The beeb has always been the home of puftas and lezzers. Remember Val Singleton from Blue Peter? That Larry Greyson, was a big fat homo as well. Queer cunts.

  5. I’d fuck that one (provided she shut the fuck up) but not the other ratty looking cunt. I would like to see them star in the running man…one day maybe.

  6. Fucking pig ugly keyhole nosed fishquim pie eating totally unfunny cunt river blocking dyke

  7. U sin the rug muncher on thronecast spekky fuckin twat, u can’t hit wimmen or blokes win glasses? I’d stove her fuckin head in for free, unfunny cunt

  8. The cunt says he has brain tumor that stops him having kids. You can’t get pregnant by having little girls stick their fists up your arse love.

    What a sick fucking evil cunt pervert.

  9. Do you know the latest the stuplid dyke apparently has a brain tumour although its benign lets hope we can hurry and change that and so do away with another dyke doing what comes un naturally , what a slapping whore!!P.s.isthat the slappers cunt on display put it away you don’t know where its been!!

  10. This site is amazing, it is literally nothing more than lone misogynists bitching about women and liberal between masturbating to kiddie porn. I came to this page hating Sue Perkins, I will leave knowing just hwo much worse a human being she is.

    “” is EXACTLY the website the man Ricky Gervais meets in Extras who keep repeating his catchphrase and has a friend called Count Fuckula. Congrats guys, you’re all Count Fuckulas.

    • Here’s where you went wrong;

      1: ‘lone misogynist’S’ contradicts it self.

      2: You mean *Liberal’S’.

      3: Your next sentence doesn’t make any sense, it still wouldn’t even if you spelled ‘how’ correctly;

      ‘I came to this page hating Sue Perkins, I will leave knowing just ‘hwo’ much worse a human being she is.’

      Now fuck off and put the kettle on and whilst it’s boiling use that short time to learn the basics of grammar, some elementary spelling and last but not least putting together a coherent narrative.

      You can thank me later luv 🙂

    • That’s pretty rich considering your username is the goalkeeper Lydia Williams from Canberra United . What makes you think we are misogynists just because we take the piss out of a few mud wrestling feminists we cunt alot of people male and female. If you take this website too seriously you are a idiot.

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