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The ‘comedian’ Seann Walsh needs a cunting. The single most unfunny cunt on the planet, and this planet has Russell Howard and Omid Djalili on it so he’s done very fucking well to top that mountain of cunt.

Did you see that monk thing on BBC he was in? Jesus Fucking Cunt it was abysmal. The cunt seems to think telling a really meandering, shit, ultimately unfunny story from his (probably annoyingly good) life, then realising he is getting no reaction, shouts and swears in a cunty manic way until the audience nervously and uncomfortably snigger at him constitutes stand-up. In all honesty the lad needs to die.

That cunt John Bishop needs to fuck off too.

Nominated by: Cunt O’Macunto

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    Much as I appreciate the banter guys, it’s time for some nominations. There’s still a short queue, but it’s shrinking so get your fingers out you lazy cunts…

  2. Very well. I’d like to nominate ISIS for an epic cunting,( you can add HAMAS and AL-Quaeda to that as well.).
    I’m sick and tired of watching news reports with videos of these arrogant extremist cunts bragging about how they want to establish their global caliphate, how they want to eradicate any other religion but their own, in short, how they intend to bring back the dark ages to the planet.
    Most of all, I’m sick of the liberal left wing do-gooder cunts in this country whose political correctness has stopped the UK from cracking down on the little bastards who bugger off to fight in Iraq then come back to the UK bragging about how they helped their “bro’s and sista’s”

  3. If these extremist cunts want to leave Britain and fight in the middle east they should be given a one way ticket. Basically fuck off and don’t come back !

    • Yep, and they should take their shitbag families with them. In fact, I think the simple solution to this alleged threat from muslim terrorists, or, as I like to call them, ‘Muslims’, is to kick every last one of them out. You can’t have the threat of muslim terrorists if there are no muslims in the country, can you?

      This is a win-win situation for all of us. They get to practice their medieval ways in medieval countries, and we get to live in a country where the skyline is not ruined by mosques. On top of that, there’ll be more housing, the NHS won’t be as clogged, children will be safer, woman will be able to wear what they want.

      Best of all though, I won’t have to be banned from my local Asda, for threatening to punch the dirty old muslim cunt, who was stood behind me in the queue for the checkout, and coughing and spluttering all over my back. If the dirty cunt had put a hand over his mouth, and wiped the smirk off his face, I wouldn’t have offered to reduced the amount of teeth he had.

  4. Round up their relatives and intern them, when they come back they can join them in a concentration camp

  5. Well if you are looking for content old heart, here is one I posted a while back and never got a sausage:

    Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau A darker shade of wog!/image/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/box_620_330/image.jpg

    Came on the news film of a dodgy looking muslim terrorist cunt in Nigeria name of Abubakar Shekau wanking with one hand and tossing orf his cap with the other. Leader of some outfit calling itself Boko Haram – that name rings a bell. Apparently made orf with about 200 schoolgirls. Now appreciate there’s a certain class of paedo cunt that is orf that persuasion (Sir Rolf, Jimmy, Maxie ect ect) and see that there could be a following for a freshly laundered school blouse in some circles, enough said, but abducting a whole school load of ’em is hogging it rather and frankly asking for trouble.

    Needless to say Nigerian plod going round in circles looking to be bribed.

    Boko Harum. “A Darker Shade of Wog”

    Now this is where the weird science comes in. Got duff ears so thought the announcer johnny was talking about Procol Harum – ’60s band, one repetative hit “Whiter Shade of Pale”most people have heard orf , toured for decades, many different line ups, until really gave up the ghost around 2012 – but Chas C will know more about them than I do. Had a few sherberts and zappo it came to me. Procol Harum = Boko Harum – one last tour, newish name, newish street cred lineup plus record to pay the care home fees. A certain, if somewhat risky, strategy to get publicity .

    Procol Harum. “ A Lighter Shade of Pale”

    Stranger things have happened

    And on matters geeky notice that the blog date is now reading August 30, 1846 at 2:09pm. Now just my vintage but might faze some orf the younger feller me lads. No doubt The Eye has been making adjustments (most vital and appreciated) again – one hand on keyboard, one hand stroking his cock ect ect. Misstakes easily made. All beyond me.

    • Possibly stuck in the Spam filter. It’s set to spam anything with more than 2 links – yours has 3. We get a couple of hundred bits of spam a day. As I write this there’s 127 in the filter. I don’t get time to check them all before clearing the box out. There can be several hundred in there and they’re all long splurges trying to flog shit. I suspect that’s why light of day was never found. Sorry.

      Incidentally did you get my mail about the SLS Shit Bucket Challenge?

  6. Oh and here is another one from way back that never made it:

    Leon Brittan

    Leon Brittan, now Lord Brittan, Baron of ect ect is back in the news again. This wart faced cunt with a kiddie sniffer conk and former Home Secretary to Margaret Thatcher during the Miners Strike and later Secretary for Trade and Industry (he resigned over his perverse anti British meddling in the Westland Affair) was also a Queen’s Council so should know his arse from his elbow in matters legal. If one was casting a film about paedos this ugly cunt’s boat race alone would take him to the top orf the bally list.

    It has been confirmed that he was handed a forty page dossier in 1983 detailing allegations of high level kiddy fumbling activities amongst the denizens of Westminister. To begin with this former top legal eagle was unable to recall this happening (well such a common and unmemorable event me dears) then under media pressure he could remember but could not recollect its contents or any actions taken about it or indeed what happened to the dossier in the end. I wonder if his brother, Samuel, a leading journalist for The Times, could assist in his recollection. Other sources are popping some names into the frame of allegations including Cyril Smith, Jeremy Thorpe and confirmed batchelor Ted Heath. Not to forget our favourite master of paedo ceremonies, Jimmy Savile.
    Old paedo cunts never die, they only wank away.

    Some background here but I cannot confirm the veracity of the information:

    • The thing I’ve never understood about this episode, Sir Limply, is exactly why Geoffrey Dickens would hand a paedo dossier to Leon Brittan when it’s highly likely said dossier would have contained Brittan’s name (Dickens was aware of Elm Guest House and knew that Brittan’s name was on the proprietors’ list of guests). Can you shed any light?

      • Had a bit orf a chinwag round me club re your interesting query FW and blimey, there are some coves running scared. Consensus is this fellow Dickens was a bit orf an old school Tory at heart, bit orf a patriot, but a bit dim. Would do things by the book, good orf the party ect ect. Apparently advised to go the Home Secretary route for form’s sake and to protect his back. Interesting in the light orf his address to the House in 1985:

        Let me deal first with the adults who are obsessed with the thought of sexual relationships with children. They are evil and dangerous and, sadly, vast sums are exchanged for child-adult pornography. The noose around my neck grew tighter after I named a former high-flying British diplomat on the Floor of the House. Hon. Members will understand that where big money is involved and as important names came into my possession so the threats began. First, I received threatening telephone calls followed by two burglaries at my London home. Then, more seriously, my name appeared on a multi-killer’s hit list. So the threats went on.

        Hansard Nov 27th, 1985

  7. As the old saying goes, anyone who thinks their religion is worth killing for should start with themslves. The cunts.

  8. Daytime TV Presenters. Not any old TV presenters, not evening or weekend TV presenters, but weekday daytime TV presenters. The quantity of cuntage crammed into daytime lifestyle/magazine/quiz/panel shows is truly stupefying. For a start you’ve got all those bitter, menopausal witches on Loose Women, then you’ve got Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on This Morning (and their seasonal replacements Fatboy Eamonn Holmes and his wife), Martin Roberts (cunted previously) and Lucy “Suzi Quatro” Alexander on Homes Under The Hammer, plus the likes of Matthew Wright, Jeremy Kyle, Alan Titchmarsh, Nick “There isn’t a job I’ll turn down” Knowles, Aled Jones and Jules Hudson (previously cunted) from Escape To The Country, and, on a particularly bad day, you may even get Paul O’Grady on daytime too. The cunts should be cunted en masse and preferably gassed en masse too. The world would be a brighter place with all Daytime TV Presenters obliterated.

    • See – this blog’s educational. You’ve learnt something.

      (I’d never heard of him either until now)

  9. Is a cunt is very educational and certainly an eye opener. I first visited this website as a mere boy and now is a cunt has made me the man I am today. I’ve even started to gain muscle even if it is only on my fucking jaw

  10. Sean Walsh fuck off and die you miserable scabby looking cunt. Your nasally congested boring style of comedy makes me want to hunt you down and skull fuck you with a drill. How in the fuck did you manage to become a public figure/comedian, you have plagued british broadcasting with your greasy hair, hobo fashions and dreary, mundane suicidal comic routine. It would come as no surprise to me to find out that you caught your break at the Edinburgh festival, a place infested with drunks who cant legally get behind the wheel of a car but can award cunt nuggets like yourself with a career. If you do read this Sean I hope your eyes bleed stomach acid and your nearest and dearest cut your throw while sleep and have an orgy on your rotting corpse.
    Every time I see you shit eating grin I will think of this small moment where I was able to vent my distain toward you.

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