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So Baroness Warsi of Dewsbury has decided to resign. Good fucking riddance. That’s one less token piece of worthless shit in the cabinet.

So why the fuck was she there in the first place? Might well you ask. She qualified as a solicitor and went to work for the Tory MP for Dewsbury in his law practice. This apparently qualified her to stand in the election when he stood down. She lost. Shit, we didn’t get the token we wanted into parliament.

Never mind, we’ll just give her a life peerage and stick her in the cabinet anyway. In her own words “We need more people from urban areas voting for us, more people who are not white and more women. I play that back and think, I’m a woman, I’m not white, I’m from an urban area, I’m from the North, I’m working class — I kind of fit the bill.” No shit, Sherlock.

So why has she resigned. Surely not because she is seen as a waste of space? After all, she was formerly Conservative Party chairman, a role of which one member of the 1922 committee said “I just thought she was out of her depth. I have never seen anything like it – other than the last time she was before the 1922. I genuinely think she is the worst chairman we have ever had.”

So there it is. The Warthog has quit over a matter of principle in Gaza – something that as a Suni Muslim she is completely impartial about.Absolutely nothing to do with her being a total inept and incompetent token black, working class, northern, muslim woman at all.

Good fucking riddance. A failed exercise in political correctness is over. Cameron should be glad to see the back of her. If there was ever a justification for abolishing the House of Lords, then it’s Sayeeda fucking Warsi

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14 thoughts on “Baroness Warsi [2]

  1. Oi cunts – we have a Dead Pool winner, but the lazy cunt webmaster hasn’t twigged…

  2. I don’t think her resignation has anything to do with Gaza or any sort of ‘principles’ (I say ‘resignation’: but what the fuck did she actually do? Her role in the cabinet was a bit like a Linda McCartney in Wings scenario!)… Lady (?!) Warsi has probably got something far more cushy and lucrative lined up… Not unlike that other cunt, David Milliband, who walked out in apparent outrage over Paolo Di Canio (Nazi cunt) taking over as manager at Sunderland FC… Why Milliband was being paid by Sunderland anyway is anyone’s guess (Niall Quinn is also a cunt!). But what David forgot to tell people was that he had another highly paid number (for as little work as possible) waiting for him somewhere else… No doubt a similar position and cash bonanza will miraculously appear for Warsi within the the next few weeks… She will probably eventually end up as the Director General of the BBC (or end up in one of their crappy, right on, token multiculti shows, like Robin Hood or NeverEnders)…

    • Indeed – what the fuck was she there for? What got me was that the cunt couldn’t win an election so they gave her a fucking peerage just to get her into the cabinet FFS!

      Your Linda McCartney analogy is spot on. And that Paul McCartney is a cunt too…

  3. Often thought the urge to infill key posts in the police, in government and in education with ethnic minorities is a complete joke, which is often little to do with their abilities and much to do with pandering to political correctness for the sake of it. Almost insulting really, to appoint someone based on their ethnic or religious background.
    The woman was incompetent, that much is true, but no more incompetent than the number of ex-public schoolboy faggots that proliferate the Tory party and the upper chamber generally.

    • As an ex-public school faggot myself, I would have to argue that we’re no more useless than a good number of lefty bastards in the Labour Party (Balls and Brown leap immediately to mind) or the wishy washy Limp Dumps like Clegg. I’m not that impressed with Cameron and Osbourne, but I’m even less impressed with Miliband and Harman.

      Let’s face it, you have to be a complete cunt to want to be a politician.

  4. Cameron and Clegg must be shitting themselves: now they know that Boris is sniffing around….

    And it’s true that as well as the wretched coalition, Milliband, Balls, Harman etc are also cunts… Farage is a cunt too…

  5. She’s a raspy voiced, pompous, self important, ego the size of a planet, big gobbed cunt. I fucking hate the self righteous zeal people like her have for telling us what’s right and what’s wrong. She embodies all that’s wrong with politics…The cunt. I wonder what she looks like naked…Any ideas?

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