Baroness Elizabeth Butler-Sloss


Elizabeth Butler-Sloss has decided she’s not suitable to look into her family and pals sodomizing kids. One wonders what her findings would have been.

The rancid old bitch did everything possible as ‘judge’ to make sure kids were made available to pedophiles. There were/are secret family courts with judges wanking under the desk as orders were/are made to place new-born babies (that had been snatched by cunt social workers from maternity wards) with homosexuals turd-burglars, for a life of arse-shagging and cock-sucking.

The old cunt Sloss presided over the ‘family’ division a corrupt legal system for years, and there are now over 5 million kids who have been denied access to their fathers, in the secret family courts, so they become unstable and vulnerable (when brought up by single slags), and more easily susceptible to being groomed and sodomized.

It’s like putting that cunt, Clare Balding, in charge of a troop of Brownies, appointing the old bitch Sloss to look into kiddy-fiddling.

Nominated by: Bitch on a Stick

So why has Butler-Sloss stepped down from the kiddie fiddling enquiry? Could it be because as the sister of the former Tory Attorney General she might just have been investigating too many of her friends?

The cunt was totally unsuited to the task and everybody knew it.

Nominated by: Cuntfinder General

11 thoughts on “Baroness Elizabeth Butler-Sloss

  1. Names being put in the frame for the alleged top wank Westminster peado ring include Rhodes Boyson, Keith Joseph and (oh surprise) Sir Michael Havers brother of…Howzat then for a strong familial connection. Astonishing it took so long for madam Butler Schlock to resign. Got nothing to do with her having to investigate her own brother I suppose?

  2. I have information before me that an imposter is posting in my name. May thy bollocks burn in Hell as they will surely do after a visitation from me. Curse thee to damnation and reflect upon thy sinful ways when the good Lord casts thee down to the nethermost pit of Hell Fire. There to be tormented upon the rack for an eternity with a rusty kebab skewer up thine arse. Thou art the most perfidious of prophets thou gobshite. May thee take it up the arse from Beelzebub and his cohorts gangnam style thou windfucking cunt.

  3. The silly, crusty old moo doesn’t want to grass up a lot of her old mates… As it would upset her ‘circle’, and it would also put a downer on bridge evenings and drinkypoos…
    I bet half of Heath’s cabinet (and Maggie’s, come to that) were at it… No wonder Jingle Jangle Jim’ll never got caught if there were those in government protecting him…

    That Bulter-Sloshed hag looks like a dragged up version of that ‘Fast Show’ character:
    ‘I was very, very drunk…”

    • After a lifetime on the turf experience dictates that if a horse or a jockey look like a wrong’un then generally they are. Apply that logic to Westminster and the whole bally place is full of non-starters. Leon Brittan, Cyril Smith, Edward Heath, David Blunkett, Keith Joseph, Rab Butler, Jeremy Thorpe, Chris Smith, David Willets, Mandelson…… the list is endless. Useful to spot who is being moved out of the way in this cabinet reshuffle. Based on the boat race alone have always had me doubts about Gove and Hague.

      • Gerald Kaufman, Leon Brittan, Ted Heath, Leon Brittan, Gerald Kaufman, Leon Brittan, Leon Brittan, Leon Brittan…

        And who was it who “lost” Geoffrey Dickens’ dossier…? Er, that would be Leon Brittan.

  4. Not to forget that we stand ready to probe the orifices of that Godless Cunt Leon Brittan. Once we have put that spawn of the devil to the question I warrant that all will be revealed.

    • Last two were certainly you, but he who sendeth the nomination haveth a different IP address so fair doest it!

  5. If Butler-Sloss really did as is being reported, cover up for a child abusing Bishop to spare the Churches blushes then she has committed a criminal offence of perverting the course of justice. Further more that she did this whilst acting in an official capacity entrusted to invesigate these allegations renders her guilty of mis conduct in public office . Why is she not being prosecuted herself ?

  6. She is the same as the rest of that lot… Protecting her ‘position’ and her ‘own’…. God knows how much shit she has swept under the carpet in the name of ‘appearances’…
    This isn’t one or two skeletons in a cupboard, it’s a frigging boneyard full…

  7. Asking somebody like Butler-Sloshed to head an enquiry about nonces in the establishment would be like asking Goebbels to take charge of the Nuremberg Trials…

    Hague’s disappearance from the limelight is also no coincidence… There are tribes untouched by civilized man who know that Hague likes the old Cadbury alley (and that he likes ’em young!)… I only hope that somebody explodes the Ted Heath bomb in the faces of Cameron and Co in time for the General Election….

    I think the Tory cunts are hoping that with the old witch stepping down from the enquiry, that the people (and the press) will just forget about it… I hope not..

    As old Blakey would say: “Aaaaowww! I fuckin’ ‘ate yer, Butler!”

    • And surprise surprise, Hague “resigns”… could this be because Cameron fears Westmister pedo revelations in the run up to the election and has asked those with skeletons in their closet to do the decent thing?

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