Baddiel and Skinner

Frank Skinner and David Baddiel

Baddiel and Skinner are cunts…

At least we don’t have to put up with their horrendous ‘Fantasy Football’ show during this World Cup….

Nu-footie plastic Chelsea twat Baddiel and face like a warthog’s arse Skinner know as much about football as the current England set up (ie: Fuck all!).

Nominated by: Norman Whiteside

14 thoughts on “Baddiel and Skinner

  1. And that mincing ‘Three Lions” crap that these two cunts released (and then re-re-re released!) is the worst football record of all time (along with the diabolical “Anfield Rap”)
    Real stirring stuff that, eh? Some showbiz cunt prancing around, weedily singing “It’s coming home. It’s coming home etc..” Hardly Bobby Moore and the boys from 1970 and “Back Home”, is it?

    And the array of cunts that this pair of nu-footie pricks had as guests on their Fantasy Football show…. Any real fans? Nah! Players? No decent ones… Just celebrity cunts who discovered football in 1993… Nick Hancock (cunt!), that Ulrika slag, Andrew Ridgley (?!?), That silly cow off Father Ted, Zoe fucking Ball, and that third rate John Cleese, Angus bastard Deayton…

    Plus many more “I’m a suddenArsenal/Villla/Chelsea/Liverpool/Man U fan and the Premier League is fantastic” showbiz bullshitters….

    And that Statto (real name Angus Loughran : who is a real British sports commentator ) was also a cunt…. Somebody who actually knows about the game being the butt of Baddiel and Skinner’s ‘jokes’ week in week out…. Didn’t he have any self respect?!

  2. Baddiel is a dirty jew. He eats the brains of human babies thieved from maternity wards by social workers (wearing Leon Brittan jew-face masks).

    jews should be horse-whipped and burned like rats. They are pedophile fucking filth.

    • Jesus, what is it with this website and anti-Semitism? I’d cunt paranoid anti-Jewish twats if I could be bothered writing about 40 year old virgins who still live at home and spend their spare time wanking over ISIS videos.

      And no, I’m not in the pay of the Zionist world conspiracy you sad cunt.

      • I don’t censor out the views of the people who post comments, but I have to say that I agree with you about the anti Jewish comments. Trouble is telling them to cut it out just makes them do it more. Perhaps I should cunt anti-semites?

  3. I actually miss a good footie song. I actually love three lions, and so do the Germans, which is why they nicked it. World in motion was pretty good too, but back home was only just a step above Del Amitri’s luke warm inspirational, don’t come home too soon. But guessing you never even experienced a world cup, so the emotional bit was lost on you

  4. I guess I like ‘Back Home’ because a lot of those lads were truly great players (Moore, Charlton, Ball, Banks). Not really the song, but who sang it…. The New Order track was good (especially the 12” version), but probably the most passionate World Cup song was the Scotland one from 1982….

    As for not experiencing a World Cup, 1990 in Italy and France in 1998. I went to both (as well as being on The Stretford End since the Docherty years of the 1970s)…

  5. That is cheesy, I agree… I recall Rod Stewart doing a 1978 World Cup song (it wasn’t one of his best efforts)… I also remember Kevin Keegan giving it some on “This Time” in 1982… The other England lads weren’t arsed, but Kev was well up for it…

    I know they haven’t been to one in a long time, but the Scotland fans always seemed to have more fun at World Cups. They knew they were going to get stuffed, but they had a great time… However, the Irish ‘fans’ who suddenly crawled out of the woodwork for Italia 90 and USA 94 made me sick… They were nowhere to be seen before that (and now Ireland are crap once more, they have vanished)….

    Expect another version of ‘Three Lions’ foe Euro 2016: ” Fifty years of hurt…..”

  6. I’m no lover of the Hun. But to see them tonk the arrogant, smug, dirty, cheating,”It’s our destiny to win The World Cup” Brazil was priceless…

    David Luiz is a curly cunt!

  7. Anybody else see that knobhead, Luiz, on his knees: talking to the man upstairs…
    One can only imagine the conversation…

    David Luiz: ‘where were you when we needed you, you cunt?!”

    God: “Didn’t anyone tell you. that some German philosopher said I was dead?!
    Ha Ha! Now fuck off, you useless cheating twat!”

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