George R.R. Martin


Firstly the pretentious ‘R.R’ thing: Maybe he doesn’t want people to confuse him with the Beatles producer? But it’s more like he wants to be like J. R. R. Tolkien (or Wile . E. Coyote!).

Then there’s that ‘Game Of Thrones’ shite. It’s total bollocks: it’s just badly ripped off and rehashed Tolkein stories with lots of violence, bloodshed, incest and shagging (the incest bit also shows that old ‘R.R’ is also a sick old cunt!). Another way to look at Game Of Thrones is to see it as EastEnders or Brookside with swords and sorcery.

It’s amazing how people can make millions of dollars out of steaming piles of crap like Game Of Thrones!

Nominated by: Norman Whiteside

11 thoughts on “George R.R. Martin

  1. (The voice of) Captain Scarlet is dead. I really thought he was indestructible when I was a little lad….. RIP

    Fuck Game Of Thrones and Sky TV. The Captain was proper telly (along with Thunderbirds, Space 1999, The Prisoner, (classic) Doctor Who, The Persuaders, The Professionals etc).

  2. Funny old game life. Another old cunt I have outlived. Offered Mathews a part many years ago when I was in the theatrical producing dodge. Came accrorss as camp as christmas. Anyway we turned each other down in the end. Never realised the cunt had voiced Captain Scarlet. Might have offered him more money – but probably not.

  3. On The Game of Thrones thing heard the other day that the bollocks is shot in Northern Ireland. Nice little earner for the local men of violence as extras. Had a few tours out there during the seventies and eighties so will be buying the box set hoping to spot a few acquaintances so that me and me comrades can have a reunion with ’em if you get me drift.

    • She got cunted on here a while back. And Justifiably so the hypocritical fat gob-shite. The pic of her on her cunting page is vile. I regurgitated some toast when I first saw it. It had marmite on it and made me even sicker so she’s responsible for that too…The cunt.

  4. This leads me to another nomination, and this may just be an old fart/shift worker nom. I work shifts (I am officially one Sir Limply’s bottom wiper so we have to work shifts) We don’t get paid much so can’t afford anything other that the 5 channels so these strange programs you talk about are alien to me. And frankly I’m happy with thai

  5. Tolkien? Fucking Tolkien? Better than Martin? Are you on crack Mr Whiteside?

    Tolkien is the most overrated writer since that cunt Shakespeare. Pages and pages of barely readable drivel with the occasional good scene does not a classic make. Tolkien wrote one good (kids) book but The Lord of the Rings trilogy is utter bollocks. The Return of the King is utter shite; all that fucking dross to get to a totally crap ending.

    Peter Jackson is also a cunt.

    • Your calling Tolkien overrated? wow just wow, don’t blame tolkien for peter jackson’s shortcomings and shitty unending hobbit sequels If tolkien was alive i’m sure he would be pissed about the hobbit trilogy and books are boring unless you like to read.

  6. ‘Game Of Thrones’ is some inarticulate shit for closet hippies and crusties who work nine to five or shifts.
    I watched a couple of episodes a few years ago and was bored so shitless I contemplated trepanning as a way to eleviate the tedium.
    It was, without a doubt sub gollum fretwank of insane proportions and I can imagine overweight pony tailed pricks gathering together in small clusters to chat shit about hidden meanings and messages.
    Like those sad bastards who are into dungeons and dragons and proto-paedo crap like that.
    Fuck it.

  7. I just played Game of Thrones telltale series EP1 and fuck, it doesn’t matter what you pick cause all your favorite characters will either die brutality or betray you. Still a thrilling game but R R Martin what a fat chubby cunt he is just mad he can’t locate his penis under all that fat so he makes a unsettling plot twist story. As far the choices in the game it really doesn’t matter, humour the villains because standing up for the good guy will have no meaning R.R.M will find away to disappoint .Although thrilling to watch Chaos unfold.

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