Angelina Jolie


Angelina Jolie is a cunt… Made a dame? For what? Being a Hollywood tosspot? Dropping her knickers every five minutes? Doing crap films? Wrecking homes and marriages? Pathalogical shagging? Buttering up that bald Tory knobend, Willam Hague?

The last one, methinks….

Anyone who works with this wretched Tory government is a cunt anyway, but in the honours list after five minutes? Not only that, also getting a better honour than that Sutton lad: who raised all that money for cancer research, and who is sadly no longer with us? Jolie gets more recognition than young Sutton? What a backscratching, celebrity lickarse shitheap the UK has become… And what a Tinsletown twateratti, knickerless Yank cunt!

That Brad Pitt is a twat as well…

Nominated by: Norman Whiteside

11 thoughts on “Angelina Jolie

  1. Iain Duncan Smith hasn’t been mentioned for a while – if anyone ever spots him in real life, could you please spit in the cunt’s face or punch him in the throat from me? Cheers.

  2. Every time the bizarre trout pouting filly has a face lift she ends up looking more like her dad, old Midnight Cowboy Jon Voight. Think his tits are bigger though.

    Particularly incensed by this Cameron Chinko business so if I may offer this:

    David Cameron chinko commie cock sucking cunt

    While you cunts have been otherwise engaged getting gutted by the pathetic performance of that overpaid shower orf shite otherwise known as the Hingerland World Cup Squad the cunt Cameron has slipped out almost without notice news of a most dire and dastardly nature.

    Noticed that Cameron is looking a little slitty eyed and yellow around the mouth? It is reported that the last time the cunt was in China he was sucking chinko cock and taking it up the arse while they stitched up a deal selling our fair country down the river. We are to have a new generation of nuclear power stations designed, built, run and financed by the chinko commies.

    No need to fear a ballistic missile from Peking anymore. They will only have to push a button for a reactor to go critical near you. The yellow commie cunts will hold the keys to our most vital national asset, our power infrastructure and can hold us to ransome at any time. This on top of the ever growing chinko built and financed network of telephone exchanges and wireless infrastructure. Plus a sweetheart deal letting the Chinko National Bank into the City of London to manipulate our currency exchanges.

    Other western democracies have invited the chinko comrades to fuck orf when offered similar trojan horse deals. Surely we can expect our own Prime Minister to stand up for British interests? They want a longer red carpet? It is yours oh my yellow gods. They are demanding an audience with The Queen? She could do pole dancing as well oh honoured masters.

    The cunt Cameron’s reward for such grovelling treachery? The chinko’s will cough up the cash to finance the floundering HS2 rail link and so ensure the destruction of some of England’s finest fishing and shooting estates. The Quisling Eton bum boy has at least managed to master a little Chinese. The cunt has learned to kowtow.

    • like the Tom Lehrer song:
      “once the rockets are up, who cares where they come down…
      und I’m lairning Chinese, says Werner von Braun”…

  3. Angelina Jolie has had her tits cut off, fanny cut out, arse-hole removed, and her tongue replaced by a sausage.

    Apparently the rancid schizo junkie is frightened of cancer, and is having everything that’s been touched by at least ten 1000 knobs – cut out (and fed to African babies).

    She’s a right cunt and no mistake. Plus – her mother’s a cunt.

    • If every part of her that has been touched by a knob is removed, she’s in trouble… She won’t be able to go to the bog for a start….

      Didn’t she snog her brother on some red carpet or other? I know she fucked with Billy Bob Thornton in a limo on the way to some Hollywood awards cuntfest: Jolie then got of the car and boasted about it to the waiting press… Dirty bitch…

  4. Michael Fabricant needs to be set upon with a flame thrower such is the revulsion for the little fucking rug muncher.
    He’s a fucking two tone wig wearing ponce if ever there was one.

    Having said that, the cunt deserves a medal for threatening rent a gob-shite Jasmin alab-fucking-whatever-the -septic-old-arab-rag-head cunts name is.
    If I had the chance, I’d fucking chop suey her fucking gizzard an’ all.

  5. Jolie has a gob like Ivy Tilsley from Coronation Street: when the old cow had those lips implants… Granny Jagger, as she was known in Manchester…

  6. Yes I remember that Norman, she looked fucking ridiculous. Is that old cunt still alive ? It might be worth sticking her in the dead pool !

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