James Corden [2]

“Ooo! Love that footwork, David!”

This fat fuck has the face and grace of a pig. Yet the cunt is so far up his own arse he can chew rubber at johnnies that fell off his dad’s knob, and then got pushed right up his colon by his mum with a milk bottle.

Corden has no talent whatever but seems to get work as a token fat bastard. He can’t sing and instead makes high-pitches mewing noises like a cat straining to shit hair-balls. His jokes are unfunny insults about victims who are defenseless (as if he is pissing on a sleeping tramp), catering for IQ56 Jimmy Savile fans (who it seems are now his fans). His acting is that of a desperate fat bastard haranguing a disjointed sequence of onomatopoeias at a terrified child he has tied to chair with barbed wire.

The sad shit is that he taking over from the ultra-lame cunt (and professional token black) Lenny Henry, as a charity show presenter. Even though everybody hates the cunt Corden, the fuck-pigs at the BBC, Sky, and ITV will still keep putting the lame loathsome cunt on the box to present charity shite (maybe he is good at extorting money from the poor so TV producers can go to Africa for free to sodomise babies to death and shove sticks up women’s arse-holes).

Nominated by: Fatty Arbuckle II

23 thoughts on “James Corden [2]

  1. The picture says it all. Looks like a phat phuck with a retarded Jimmy Saville grin. He seems totally oblivious to what the normal part of the populace thinks of him. He’s just jizzed in the bath water. Disgusting.

  2. Corden is your modern day celebrity personified: Can’t do anything, no talent to speak of, and in everyone’s faces on the box all the time (a bit like that Chris TFI Gingerbollocks cunt in the 90s)…. If he wasn’t famous and the official court jester to the rich and famous twatteratii, the likes of Beckham and that cunt who has ruined Dr. Who (him with the microphone hair: Moppet, I think his name is) wouldn’t go near Corden… And god knows how many women this gargantuan cunt has had, simply because he is the fat bloke off Gavin and Stacey (about as funny as the clap!) on the telly. Some silly tarts would shag a turd if it was on the television….

    And that ‘When Corden Met Barlow’ was just offensive. Corden licking Gary Barlow’s arse, and going on about Barlow’s significance in the history of popular music? Is it just areslicking sycophancy, or do these celebrity cunts actually believe all the shit they come out with?! Barlow just does piss poor ELO rip offs (with his ‘band’, Fuck That) and he is a royalist and a tory twat. Corden is just a block of lard with a wig…

  3. Corden is a good and important nomination. But in the same way that towns can be twinned, I propose that cunts should also be twinned and I’d twin Corden with another cunt who is never off the telly, David Walliams. With a face like a Down Syndrome eskimo, Walliams (along with his bald cunt sidekick) is responsible for some of the most deeply unfunny, lowest common denominator shite that has ever been broadcast. Walliams is the very personification of celebrity culture – incestuous, talentless and redundant, and in dire need of kicking to death.

  4. Cordon is just another example of the gradual decline in the quality of “comedians” that are foisted on the general public. Star in a sitcom, no matter how piss poor and suddenly you are the next TV icon. Expect to see him alongside that twat Cowell on the “x”-factor in the non too distant future. The morons who watch it will never notice anyway

  5. I have found the phrase “Why the Fuck?” coming to my lips increasingly in recent years in regard to the ever increasing exposure of the Cordon cunt. He is with a mega outfit of agents that call themselves United Agents (a doubtless ripp orf United Artists). Every irritating talentless face in everywhere type of cunt seems to be with them. Oh the likes of Ricky Tosser Gervais, Sienna Miller, Kate Winslet ect ect….There used to be hundreds of good agents around representing a few good people so ‘talent’ was spread around a bit. These days there are just a few mega agencies that make their money by overkill touting their cunts on to everything – film, tv, theatre, books. Hence same old fucking faces everywhere.

  6. Oh God – the filthy pig cunt James Corden is on TV tonight with Gary Barlow (ugly child-buggering retarded cunts).

    The real truth is James Corden’s mother is a dirty child-killing social worker cunt who trained the filth cunt James Corden to be an evil retarded child-killing cunt.

    What a family of fucking evil cunt filth. Social worker child-buggering cunts, and dirty Jimmy Savile type child-fuckers.

    Eat the bodies of dead babies you cunts.

  7. I agree about that middle class spunkbubble, Walliams… Him and that bald sausage jockey rip the piss out of the ‘lower orders’ in Little Britain. Yet neither of them have ever been near anywhere even remotely working class. Don’t the thick cunts who watch this shite realize these two ponces are laughing at them?!

    Walliams is also a Cowell acolyte… Which instantly adds on 1000 more cunt points…

  8. He is a fat bastard cunt, a typical english comedian which means he is not funny at all. He deserves to be shot like all fat bastards. I hate the cunt, he is just the cuntiest cunt I can think of, well tonight anyway, fat fucking bastard cunt.

    • What you jocko cunt! You dare to denigrate the genus “English Comedian” when you are the sour spawn of a misbegotten race that continues to produce the World’s Worst Comedians. Need I mention the dread name Chick Murray? The suicide’s funster. Oh I know you jockos say his humour is very dry, too subtle for us. He is about as entertaining as a dry cunt.

      I will allow that Billy Connolly has improved over the years. Now that alzheimer’s has taken a grip he can’t remember most of his fucking material.

      • The world’s worst comedian? Are you referring to Michael McIntyre? Or Sean lock? Or jim Davidson? Or russel brand? Or russel Howard? Or any other cunt called russel – I’m sure there are more. Or Roy chubby brown? Or Jason manford? Or…

  9. I give you Rab C Nesbitt, the fat fucking talentless forerunner of James Corden. Change the Glaswegian to Essex, and job done.

  10. Alan Brazil was a good Scottish comedian… His impression of a footballer was hilarious… His open goal miss against Everton at Old Trafford in 1985 was pure comedy…Useless cunt he was…

  11. Taken that I am well out numbered by English cunts here. Well we know that our comedians are not much better than your cunts, but I think we do have the edge. But you cannot be serious telling me that the fat cunt is funny? No cunting way, his claim to fame is making a right royal cunt of himself with Patrick Stewart, another cunt of the first quarter. I am afraid there is nothing more to be said, you are humorless cunts, thats a fact, so live with it you cunts hahaha

  12. James Corden is a cunt of the highest order. Fat, unfunny, celeb-arse-licking, cock-smoking, sausage jockey. Fucking fat cunt. His double act with that top-button closing, make-up wearing, arse-riding gay cunt Horne also neatly falls into the lowest common denominator, unfunny, pile of absolute stinking tramps pish. The twin cunting with Walliams is also wholly deserved – another truly unfunny, make-up wearing, arse-riding faggot who’s entire ‘comedy’ act is based on dressing up like a cock and putting on a girly, lispy voice. I cant believe anyone would watch either of these fucking oxygen thieves.

  13. I agree with all the derogatory comments. And he comes from Hillingdon. The sweaty arse crack of London.

  14. Apart from Gavin n Spacey which he apparently co wrote, I’ve never seen anything funny or entertaining this sycophantic squealing pig has done. Yet he’s never off the telly sticking his tongue up some celebrity’s arse

  15. Yes its true, hating james corden brought me here and i gave to admit i love some if the cunty comments aimed at the annoying fuckwit!! What about that green light advert, fuck me… I was praying he crashed! I’m actually starting to think I have the problem and the rest of the fuck tard corden lovers are on the ball (Surely Cant be true). I can honestly say i have never laughed at him nor that shitty sky show with fatty flintoff beside him! If they could only bring back the death penalty i would happily frame that fucking screaming mess Corden!!!

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