Esther McVey


That slag, Esther McVey, should be in the cunts hall of fame…

She started off with a silver spoon in her gob. Then she became an autocue, card reading bimbo for breakfast television. Now she is an MP. She is also Iain Duncan Smith’s bitch and the dolly of the Tory Party Scum…

McVey is the bitch who openly persecutes the unemployed or anyone who is working class come to that… The woman is filth. Pure Conservative Nazi scum, and a total and utter (and a probably well used one by her Tory buddies) cunt!

Nominated by: Norman Whiteside

1 thought on “Esther McVey

  1. Now I hear the useless tart is being tipped to join the cabinet because Cameron is shitting himself over gender imbalance. FFS Dave get a grip! Best person for the job is the way to do it not go grovelling to political correctness by promoting useless fuckers like McVey.

    And that’s not a photoshopped picture as far as I know. Fucking tart.

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