The Welsh [3]

Rugby Union - IRB Rugby World Cup 2011 - Pool D - Wales v Namibia - Stadium Taranaki

The Welsh !! What a bunch of stupid fuckwit cunts !

First of all, they insist in using a dead language and call it “ther culture” – that’s because there’s nothing remotely like culture ever been produced in fucking wales. There’s still places in wales where you can’t get a drink on Sunday – it’s 2014, not 1614, you boring, baptist chapel motherfuckers !!

Now they want to ban electronic ciggarettes “in case it makes people take up smoking” …. Fuck off and die, cunts… next thing we should do is ban trips to wales in case it leads to people taking up sheep shagging.

You’re a complete cunt, Dai !!!

Nominated by: who put the cunt in scunthorpe

The welsh are cunts full stop. You have no industry, you have no output, you wouldn’t have any jobs if we didn’t put the Royal Mint and the DVLC there. so take you independence, your dead language, your fucking independence, and your country, and row it out into the atlantic you fucking dead beats.

At least the scots have some oil we can steal, and we can milk Susan Boyle until she commits suicide

Nominated by: The oncoming fart

( …that Max Boyce and Tom Jones are right cunts too. Ed. )

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  1. The welsh cannot be cunted enough. How a small and insignificant part of the UK can insist on retaining its own cultural values of a dead language, whilst the rest of us have evolved linguistically is beyond me. Why is it that we print every governmental form with the Welsh language on it when the actual Welsh are in a minority. A miserable little part of England, with sour, suspicious and even hostile natives once you get out into the hinterlands, who can make “good morning” sound like an invitation to a fight. I’d willingly give the Welsh independance, as lomg as they, like the Scots, refrained from asking for any more subsidies or handouts. They can moreover enrich their culture with some Eastern European bloodstock whilst they are at it.

  2. Uncanny… I was about to nominate Cardiff City FC for special cuntoriety….

    First of all their fans are cunts. In the 70s when United (‘The’ United: As in Manchester United!) were in Division 2 (I also hate cunts who say “Oh. Were Man U in Division 2?” I also hate cunts who say “Man U”) went to Ninian Park: and there were Cardiff’s so-called ‘firm’ trying to look all hard dressed in Clockwork Orange type attire. One particular Clockwork cunt went up to the Mancunian hordes and started all these Kung-Fu moves, and fancied himself as Bruce Lee… Naturally he got a slap and went down like a sack of spuds. The Cardiff cunts were also one of the first sets of fans to sing about Munich 1958, and revel in the carnage of an air crash…

    Fast forward to 2014, and Cardiff have some cunt called Vince Tan in charge. Cardiff have always been known as The Bluebirds, and have always played in blue. This Tan cunt decides they are now to play in red! (Can you imagine Man City fans, if their owners told them their home kit was now red?! There would be riots in Moss Side again!). These cunts also now want a game against Crystal Palace replayed… Why? Because Cardiff claim that Palace had “information” on the Cardiff team before the game!

    The mind fucking boggles! What happened to it being a man’s game? Who are these bastards who now masquerade as football players and managers?! Basically in real terms it means Tony Pulis and Palace did their homework (and discovered that Cardiff are shite!), and Cardiff are desperate not to be relegated (which they will be, and good fucking riddance!).

    What Ole Gunnar Solksjaer is doing with Dickie Tan and these bunch of cunts, I do not know….

  3. Those Cardiff fuckers shouldn’t even be in the English football league….
    Neither should those knobs at Swansea…

  4. The welsh are dirty retarded filth and they all have sex with blacks. The DVLA is in the fucking cunt toilet Wales and the DVLA rancid with half-castes.

    95% of welsh cunts are more than 40% black.

    Look at Shirley Bassey – a wooden spoon.
    Look at Tom Jones – a wooden spoon.
    Look at Neil Kinnock – a shirt-lifter who takes it up the arse from wooden spoons.

  5. Rugby is just an excuse for welsh cunts to lick each other’s arse-holes in the scrum.

    I went to Wales 3 years ago and it was full of fat slags with small heads and no teeth fornicating with dogs.

  6. Yes, the welsh are indeed total cunts. A troglodyte race with beetled brows. Wales should be burnt to the ground with napalm and the land sowed with salt. The race should enslaved and made to grovel at the feet of the English. The old and inform should be burnt in furnaces to supply power for the national grid.

  7. Perhaps the writers of this post should spend more time in school learning to spell. How can anyone take the opinions of ill-educated people seriously?

  8. For those of you who don’t speak a dead language, I can reveal that ‘Chachen bant’ means ‘Fuck off’. Since we insist on using this arcane and long defunct tongue…

    au Dy wyneb a Ffwcio dy ewyrth! Dos i ffwcio dy hun y cont. Rwyt ti’n esgys fach pathetic am dyn. Paid a mallu cachau.

    I think covers it. For more on the homourless cunts that live the other side of Offa’s Dyke (sensible bloke that Offa), see here :

    Pishu bant!!

  9. I once drove across Anglesey to Holyhead and I kept seeing these road signs which said ALLAN OUT. I suppose it means something in Welsh but it didn’t make me feel very welcome.
    Another time I stayed the night in a place called Llwyngwril. Went in the pub, no-one wanted to know me because I didn’t have a Welsh accent. I was made to feel fortunate to be served a pint. The man who ran the b&b told me he was from Coventry. He said “I’ve lived here twenty years and they still haven’t accepted me.”
    Why can’t we give these lame, provincial, inward-looking, small-minded, parochial tossers their independence ?

  10. What the fuck has Wales ever given the world? The Scotch can possibly claim various deep-fried foods, the Welsh? Fucking seaweed.

    • Does anyone remember that awful Welsh band, Catatoina?
      That woman who ‘sang’ like Gkadys Pugh from Hi De Hi on anel dust..

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