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All reality TV is for cunts, “The Voice” the “X Factor”, “I’m a (has-been) Celebrity”. Programmers with as much imagination as a retarded monkey, spewing out the same old shite every year because the brain-dead population of the UK are like crack addicts, who will vegetate on the couch during prime time TV and suck it all in.

THEN they will bore the crap out of everyone at work, discussing it on Monday.

Nominated by: Captain Tripps

Will I Am is a twat and the Voice is auditions as entertaunment shizer. I wouldn’t mind smashing that Fergie out of the Black Eyed Peas though…

Nominated by: Norman Whiteside

…and that Tom Jones is a cunt too – but I’d shag Kylie

Nominated by: Dioclese

21 thoughts on “Reality TV

  1. UNREALITY TV. All as fake as fuck and unbelievably vast numbers of brain dead tossers make premium cost calls to phone in to vote. It is all fixed cunts. Get it? Prescripted and winners predecided to maximise the promoters profits. Endemol are the Dutch cunts behind practically everything from Fuck A Zombie to Whose Sperm Is It? worldwide.

  2. Reality TV is indeed fake as fuck… Susan Boyle has been a professional singer (and releasing CDs) since 1999. Yet on Britain’s Got Cunts it was made out that Boyle was completely unknown, they made her appear on the show like some weird cross btween some type of village idiot and a transvestite version Eddie Large (?!!). And it was all done so that vile spunkbubble, Simon Cowell could look great for “discovering” this unknown singing freak,,, That’s how they wanted it to look…

    And since when were auditions seen as entertainment?! Anyone who “judges” on any of these shows is a total cunt and should be assassinated. It’s because of twats like Cowell and his shitty shows that real talent is being overlooked or undiscovered. If there ever is another Beatles, Elvis Who, or Pistols nobody will notice: Because the majority of morons here in Blighty are too busy watching all this reality shite, and deifying cunts like Cowell and One Direction (to hell, with any luck!)…

  3. The all want to be blacks:

    “lardy hoody hardy hoo”
    “ooky eeky mooky moo”
    “muggy fuggy shiggy shoggy”

    Muh dik mi holes.

    Dirty fucking cunts.

  4. And that cunt last year on Britain’s Got Cunts: Who was played up as some sort of disabled comedian, and all his gags were about (yes. You guessed it!) disability…

    Everyone thought he was some sort of novelty. A cheeky chappie… I just thought he was a cunt….

    • Indeed. Instead of using animals for medical research, we should use cripples.

      The little unfunny ugly bif cunt was called Jack Carroll. He’s a fucking cunt.

      I’d like to see cripples dipped in acid till their deformed legs and shrived cocks are eaten off.

      • Agreed, Vicar.. When I saw that Carroll cunt briefly on the box, mincing ‘Ooooh! If I’m seen on TV, they’ll stop me benefits!’ to roars of sycophantic laughter I wanted to chuck up… When genuinely sick people are topping themselves, because Duncan Smith and his band of cunts treat them like dirt, nobody really gives a fuck. Yet these wankers think this postmodern Tiny Tim twat is funny!

        I hate the little cunt! I wanted to do an Elvis Presley, and shoot the telly…

        • Spakkers are the ultimate cunts. They take up the prime car parking space. Me, I’d burn their useless legs orf. C’mon they wont feel it.

          • Mr Saxon.
            That was a trifle vitriolic! Not the usual sartorial and witty reparte I have come to expect from you

  5. Endemol creates innovative cunts that have changed the face of popular twats.Fuckpig wankers. What was it that Karl Marx said ? Oh, yes, ” the history of all hitherto existing societies is the history of cunts”.

  6. ‘Love Island stars to be offered therapy’

    ‘You couldn’t make it up’, to quote a tabloid mainstay.
    This apparently because some talentless nomark has topped himself. Fuck me it’s just as well this collection of vacuous morons are not actually anywhere the least bit risky.
    Perhaps education for the intellectually sub normal would be more effective.
    ‘Love Island’ – a programme for window lickers that features window lickers having therapy.

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