Oscar Pistorius


Old Pisso on trial now endlessly clogging up the 24 hour news channels. Every sympathy for legless cunts. Old soldier – managed to hang on to me bollocks during war service (many didn’t) then on civvy street took a position fronting an outfit flogging Thalidomide to the liberated fillies of the swinging sixties.

I short I know me cripples. Crippled outside, crippled inside. Chip on the shoulder cunts with a deep hatred of society. What sick cunt stockpiles large calibre high velocity fragmentation ammo designed to burst apart on impact to cause irreparable damage to the vital organs? Then fires multiple bursts of same at his girlfriend (a rather fit looking filly at that) on the khazi? In short if one takes it in the head it minces one’s brains and also blows one’s arse orf.

We are then treated to continual snivelling, fake tears and rent-a-quote apologies to her nearest and dearest in a gutless South Efrican eccent from the cunt on trial. Hang the cunt My Lady.

Intrigued by the cunt’s ammo though. Must try to track some down. Just the ticket for the foxes and badgers infesting me land. …Aha! Here we have it from the Los Angeles Times:

Pistorius fired Winchester Ranger bullets of the same basic design as Black Talon rounds. The latter are controversial because they produce jagged metal talons as they travel through the target’s body, raking through organs and maximizing injury and blood loss. Winchester announced in 1993 it was withdrawing Black Talon bullets from sale after public outcry over their use in two high-profile mass shootings.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

11 thoughts on “Oscar Pistorius

  1. Oscar Preposterous is a murdering, self pitying cunt….
    Those blade things he wears as leg stand-ins should be shoved – one by one – right up his jacksy…..

    • Don’t even get me talking about cripple cunts. I work with the fuckers every cunting day. Cunts who don’t even have the wit to use the lav when they have a shit. Have you any idea how bad spaz shit smells ? I get paid for being a friend of jimmy the spaz, the money simply not enough. jUST HAVE A WASH AND FOR FUCKS SAKE WASH YOUR TEETH, YOUR BREATH STINKS. i nominate our fuckwit brethren as cunts beyond the call of duty.
      Dirty, smelly, fuckwitted cunts expect to have rights just cos’ they’re fucking spastic cunts.

  2. Pistorius is guilty as fuck in my opinion. I’m not sure he’ll get convicted though, because that lady judge seems to be somewhat in favour of him. I think she’s sucking him off.

    Anyway, I’d like to cunt to Miliband. Again. It’s funny how his recent trip to Israel has suddenly washed away the atheist he’s claimed to be for years and jump started his Jewish faith. As Dioclese points out in his blog, he’s shown his ignorance by announcing that he wants to be the first Jewish PM. He’s a bit late for that, since Benjamin Disraeli has beaten him to it by about 150 years.

    One of the best comments this week, was his claim he was an atheist who had faith in God. Which to me at least shows what a dumb shit Miliband is, since the whole concept of atheism is that you have faith in the fact that God doesn’t exist. his claim was a classic example of the word ‘OXYMORON’. With the emphasis on MORON.

    The best picture from his trip to his spiritual Motherland, was the one of him playing football with a Palestinian child. This was no doubt supposed to make him look like an ordinary, caring, man of the people, statesman. The look on his face though makes it clear that, along with beer, Ed also doesn’t do football.

    To be perfectly honest, I’d rather see Bob the Builder as Prime Minister than this geeky, buck toothed, weird voiced, twat who looks like an axe murderer. The worst thing though, is if Labour win the next general election, we’ll get that evil, arrogant, egomentalist Ed Testicles as Chancellor. A man who makes Gordon Brown look electable.

    • Meanwhile round at the front door of Miliband’s house:

      knock knock!
      “Whoos der? Sqeethed middul! Ard werin fambliz!”
      “Eye Midge?”
      “Eye Midge who?”
      “Yes you are you dirty bastard.”

      What a fucktard and arse-hat, jew-face is. He is responsible for conditioning the scotch Cyclops cunt Brown, to sell off our gold in a rigged sale (to the ‘chosen ones’ – Goldman Sachs etc.) at the rock-bottom price of £250 an ounce, thereby thieving about £15 billion off the British public.

      Remember when the cunt nutter Gordon Brown scrapped the 10p tax rate for the lowest paid working poor to give tax cuts to the rich with the proceeds. The hook-nosed deformed cunt Miliband supported the attack on the working poor, and said, “scrapping the 10p rate makes the tax system fairer.”

      How is it fair to thieve money from the working poor to give to the idle rich?

      The hook-nose cunt Miliband will be worse than Hitler if the clinical imbecile become ‘pie minithta”.

    • Teddy Testicles has already indicated his approval of the last Liebore guv’s ‘overspending other peoples money’ gambit and wishes to emulate it +50% if given the chance. The postal votes are building up inside unmarked vans in quiet alleyways all over the place. Most of them are in favour of this economically-suicidal thrust, and TT ‘imself. Multivote-erism is proving to be a sucessful policy for the ‘Oleg-arcy’.

  3. Noted that the “Zombie Stopper” ammo is all sold out on the Winchester website. Pisso has obviously done wonders for sales. Heard rumours that the cunt has landed a sponsorship deal with Winchester for the rest of his sporting career. Will be their brand ambassador donchaknow.

  4. When he was shagging Reeva Steenkamp, how did he get purchase to slide it in and out.

    Has he got like some special shagging legs that are made of rubber and are attached to the bed headboard on springs?

  5. He is without question a ‘proper’ cunt!!!

    Not to be mistaken as one of the following:

    Clever cunt
    Funny cunt
    Bit of a cunt
    Lover of cunt

    All of which I have been happily called in the past!!

  6. Basically this murdering, woman beating, self pitying cunt has got away with it. Like David Moyes at Old Trafford, Pistorius has been given 5 years, also like Moyes he’ll be out in 10 months…. Cunt!

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