Easter’s shit these days. The eggs seem to be made out of dried diarrhoea and filled with pus.

And you can’t even enjoy a nice church service as the vicar will be a fat lesbian doing the ‘job’ to get access to little girls to fist them up the cunt.

And the congregation will be 5 old cows smelling of piss in their cat-skin coats and lampshade hats.

Nominated by: Fuck Easter

5 thoughts on “Easter

  1. Too right. When I was a lad in Newton Heath we had the whit walks: Brass bands, banners, crates of beer, the fucking lot….. Times are much shitter now and community spirit is almost dead… Bloody hell. We don’t even have the mad fucker with the ‘End Is Nigh’ placard outside United or City any more. Mind you, maybe Moyes will be soon seen with the ‘End’ sign outside OT (and so it has come to pass…)….

    Those smarties eggs we had when I was a kid were ace…. They were small, but they were quality. Smash the thing open and it was full (and I mean fucking chocka!) with smarties. Not like the crappy and overpriced junk that’s pimped onto shoppers now, as soon as New Year’s Eve is over…

  2. I remember Easter being sunny and going to the seaside for the long weekend to get pissed and shag slags (to celebrate the resurrection of Christ: Supping beer and vodka and orange for the blood of Jesus, and eating out smelly cunts for the body of Christ – sort of chav communion). Look at it now – always fucking raining and tattooed tards fighting to buy £49 sofas made out of used jam-rags and twigs in the sales.


    Anyway … I nom George Osborne as a cunt. The idiot cunt can’t even do kindergarten arithmetic. He says the UK is growing economically and well on the way to recovery.

    Just do the simple numbers:

    GDP growth for fiscal year 2013 – 2014 (1 April 2014 to 31 March 2014 ) is 1.9%
    Government borrowing for fiscal year 2013 – 2014 £107.7 billion
    UK GDP for fiscal year 2013 – 2014 is said to be £2.5 trillion
    Therefore borrowing = 4.3% of GDP (107.7 / 2,500)

    If you borrow £10 you are not £10 better off – you have to pay the £10 back + interest (so you are £12.50 worse off).

    Simple arithmetic shows that the UK economy shrank by 2.4% in the fiscal year 2013 – 2014 (borrowing of4.3% – growth of 1.9%). Borrowed money in not wealth. It has to be paid back. But the dirty evil pedophiles, sodomites, rapists and evil tax evading thieves in parliament, will never pay a penny of the debt they create. The national debt is loaded onto the poor.

    More lies from the cunt George Osborne.

    Inflation for most ordinary people is now 10%+ (just look at the price of a loaf or a sausage). GDP is a fucking lie (it incorporates the multiple recycling of money thieved from the poor by the dirty evil pedophiles and sodomites in parliament), and incorporates the housing bubble – whereby the criminals of the world use UK property (especially London) for money laundering and hiding wealth (obtained by criminal means).

    George Osborne is dirty evil worthless idiot cunt. All the cunt does is thieve from the poor to give to the rich.

  3. Gideon (the cunt’s real name) Osborne is a steaming, flyblown Tory turd…
    He looks like an evil ventriloquist’s dummy, and he should be guillotined with all the other rich bitch coalition vermin…

    Osborne is the bastard offspring of Satan and Maggie Thatcher…

  4. It is not as simple as that. You don’t see the bigger picture for economic growth. By selling off the post office, getting foreign countries to invest in nuclear power plants where they sell electricity back to us at a profit for the next 50 years, they can invest in a fast choo choo train set for 50 billion pounds which will make the whole of britain brilliant (except scotland, Wales, liverpool, NI, and the proud people of cornwall). Not to mention the subsidies we contributed to Latvia which added to the 3.4 billion euros from the EU they got in order to grow, so they can compete with our industries. And so what if I got a loan from Wonga. I’m fiscally responsible, and you shouldn’t do it, because you aren’t. Vote tory

    • Come to think of it, it’s going to be game of monopoly where you will pay out no matter where you land. Free parking will involve clamping, and go to jail will be the best option. The scousers got it right after all

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