David Icke


I nominate David Icke as a CUNT

1: for being a spastic handicapped fat piece of shit who worked for the BBC
2: For spreading bullshit about reptilians, the Moon being a spaceship and writing 20+ books in 20 years
3: for being a cunt
4: for running a forum supposedly divulging truth when all he wants is your fucking money
5: for creating TPV and creaming off well over £500,000 and then having the audacity to ask for another £250,000
6: for sucking Russel Brands cock in the grouch club
7: for employing fucking sand niggers on his website and TPV
8: for raping children
9: for raping OAP’s
10: Because he is a cunt, a huge cunt, a fucking lying cunt and a money making cunt from doom porn theories

Nominated by: Jimmy Savile

( Did he really do all that? Anyway, I thought you were dead, Jimmy. Ed. )

10 thoughts on “David Icke

  1. What the fuck is wrong with his hand? Is it deformed because he had it stuck up his cunting cunt all those years?

  2. Have to give the dodgy jasper some credit for cashing in on all the credulous cretinous conspiracy theory cunts out there. Have spent some joyous times adding me own theories to the general flow of spunk on here: davidicke.com. If one is thoroughly pissed always worth going on the message boards here: forteantimes.com. The saddos will swallow any old cock.

  3. I humbly nominate Hugh Grant to be included in your esteemed list of cunts. Is there a more fucking doe-eyed fop of a cut on the planet? The worst thing is that the Yanks love him and are convinced we’re all a bunch of squint eyed Eton educated mother-loving gooey cunts that wouldn’t say boo to a moose. He steps into my boozer and I’ll twat the embarrassment out of him…cunt!

  4. Icke is a looney and a self basting knobend. And he was a shite goalkeeper too…

    Hugh Grant is just insane (as well as being a fwar fwar posho cunt trumpet!). He had the incredibly doable Liz Hurley at home, and he’s choosing to be getting sucked off by Divine Brown?!! Bloody hell! She was a fucking ugly slapper..

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