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The Marketing Department of IsACunt.com has been busy.

Years of campaigning, letter-writing, petitions, coffee morning fundraisers and shoving dog shit through the letterbox of No10 have finally paid off.

This month’s update to the Oxford Dictionary includes the words ‘cunted’, ‘cunting’, ‘cuntish’ and ‘cunty’. The expletives now join the list of 750,000 English words defined by the dictionary. ‘Twerk’ and ‘Selfie’ were added at the last update.
Along with the ‘cunty’, the words ‘Old Etonian’, ‘Rt. Hon.’ and ‘Right Honourable’ have also been included for the first time, although the choices are believed to be unrelated.

Recognition at last!  Victory is ours! You cunts.

10 thoughts on “Oxford English Dictionary

  1. Personally I’d have illustrated cunt with a picture of that fuckwit driving instructor with the Vista Print business cards.

  2. is it possible to be more of a cunt than George “I’m a posh old school tie cunt” Osbourne ? I don’t think so – unless you count those mealy-mouthed motherfucking know it all health fanatic cunts who are trying to price me out of my favourite habit of smoking like a chimney. Just fuck of you healthy cunts !

    • Of course, it’s possible. he’s just put up the price of my ciggies again, Twat. WHY DOESN’T HE JUST FUCK OFF BACK TO HIS FUCKING BUM-BOY SCHOOL. Cunt.

  3. It will take another 100 years to decide who’s picture will go next to the definition, there are so many contenders

  4. I’ve been known as cunty all my adult life so the inclusion of cunty in the dictionary is well overdue as far as I am concerned. I have an itchy cunt so I am something of an expert on anything to to with cunty matters.

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