Malaysia Airlines


Arsed orff right royally. A week later and yet more daily all-dayer press conferences from the Transport Minister with the dodgy tache and the cunts at Malaysia Airways. “What do you know about missing flight MH370?”…..Fuck all. “What are you doing about locating missing flight MH370?”….Fuck all.

Same old story ad infinitum. Endlessly padding out BBC News.

Good news is, though tourism to Malaya/China is holding up, bookings on Malaysia Airways, like flight MH370, have plummeted.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

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  1. I went to Malaysia some years ago. There were a lot of British people there (social workers, teachers, police, public sector workers, NHS workers, local councilors, solicitors, doctors, media types – the usual suspects) buggering children.

    I’m sure 90% of public sector workers (and solicitors / doctors / media lovies) are pedophiles.

    Regarding this shit, there are 1500 satellites orbiting the Earth (at least 50% of them with HD cameras – visible, infra read, UV etc.) The entire Earth is surveyed 24/7. American terrorist filth know for certain where the aircraft is.

    • Fuck me, I thought the Mccanns had given up, but the whining sub council estate absent parents are at it again. They couldn’t be arsed to stay in and look after their children, or pay for someone to, so we get subjected to 7 years whining, and police investigations at our expense. You fucked up, and don’t deserve kids. so stfu

      • They do kinda get on your tits, don’t they? Perhaps a cunting will do them good…I shall look into it.

  2. “I’m sure 90% of public sector workers (and solicitors / doctors / media lovies) are pedophiles. ”
    Nothing like generalising.
    By your definition, its unsafe to let your kids go anywhere near a postman, binman, lollipop lady, the local town hall at lunchtime or the local park. Fuck alone knows what you are going to do if your kids get sick and they need medical attention?

    • I’m sure the local catholic priest is trained in first aid, if medical attention is required

      • Yes, I am certain he would be trained in the discipline of applying “extreme unction”

  3. I hope that madeleine mcann was on this flight, so everyone can get closure when the bodies are fpound

  4. If those McCanns were working class the press (especially those Hitler shaggers at The Daily Mail) would class them as uncaring, irresponsible, selfish pisspot party animals, and a product of “Benefits Britain/Chav UK/The Scrounging Classes” (Copyright: The Mail and the fucking Express!).

    I would like to nominate Miley Cyrus…

    This talentless bag of bones and media whore is enough to turn a man off women… She looks like a public schoolboy in drag, her “music” is shite and all that staged “sexiness”: all that twerking and that tongue shit is about as sexy as Angela Merkel on a bad night (that tongue should be fucking removed!). A really sexy woman doesn’t have to put it on and get up to ridiculous antics. Nobody would notice this Cyrus slapper if she didn’t get out what she hasn’t got and stick her fucking tongue out every five seconds. Silly bitch!

    • Delighted to add her to queue of cunts! I think you’ll find the picture well worth the wait too (tease tease).

  5. Well apparently yje plane did ditch in the Indian ocean, with no survivors, and I am sorry for the loss of life, no matter how it happened. But I am willing to bet that the McCanns will accumulate more press inches than everyone who died in that tragedy

  6. Oh yes Miley Cyrus is in a one way trip to rehab, like most other child stars. Give it up love, you look like a tired lezzer trying to attract customers, so you can get your next fix. Can we start a rehab poll, like we have a dead pool?

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