Todd Carty


Is Todd Carty the ugliest, most uncoordinated, sexless man you have ever seen?

Can’t act, can’t sing, can’t skate, face like a paving slab with dog turds on it ugly Well done that man. Talk about make the most of nothing.

Mind you, if he smashes his face on the ice, it can do nothing but good. Not for the ice which is already shuddering.

Nominated by: tonyjayg

3 thoughts on “Todd Carty

  1. An unimportant knob.
    I nominate the concept of “political correctness” as being worthy of a severe cunting. The whole of the English language is being held to ransom by the cunts who on a daily basis, proscribe a certain word on the grounds that it is “offensive” to a particular sect, racial group, sexual persuasion or religious belief. The days are long gone when to be gay meant happy, a “dyke” was a dam and a “spade” was a horticultural implement.

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