Ed Miliband [7]

"Vote for me and I'll give you all loadsa money!"

“Vote for me and I’ll give you all loadsa money!”

Ed Miliband recently had an operation on his nose and palate, so he would not sound so jewish.

While he was unconscious we saw the surgeon lean over and whisper gently in his ear, “Ed you are a snot-gobbling-dirty-little-pox-arsed-cock-tosser!”

Nominated by: Brian Barrough

5 thoughts on “Ed Miliband [7]

  1. “Ed you are a snot-gobbling-dirty-little-pox-arsed-cock-tosser!”

    Can simply be translated as………………..a cunt!!!!

  2. His brother is in New York – and much cuter!

    And who are the ‘we’ who viewed the surgeon?

    The Internet is like the floor of a labiotomy surgery, littered with cunts.

  3. If it looks like a cunt, sounds like a cunt and acts like a cunt…

    It’s probably a cunt.

  4. The fucking cunt has a smaller vocabulary than a North Korean string-pull doll.

    Squeezed middle (“skeethd mid-hull”)
    hard-working families (“har dwerkin famblies”)

    500,000 people every day in Britain queue up at soup kitchens, and go to beg at food banks. Yes there are some scroungers, but most are in real distress and despair, and genuinely hungry.

    Meanwhile the idiot Tory cunt Miliband spouts utter mindless shite about mythical groups.

    The cunt Miliband stands for cunts – not people. He wants to exterminate the British with his toxic snotty saliva and thinly-veiled protocols.

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