The Great British Public


Barring the odd back bencher, the whole of the Houses of Commons and Lords are disgusting, vile, evil bastards, half of whom should be in prison for corruption, child abuse, war mongering, treason and god knows what else.

Sick of this cuntry, picking on the poor. Pissing on the disabled. Blaming immigrants who only come here to better their lives (more fool them). The real problem is tax avoidance and tax evasion by the very people who oppress us, fucking bastards.

The royal family, that skanky old bitch could end poverty in Britain with one stroke of a pen but does she? The evil fuck. Hell no. All that money spent on illegal wars to get their grubby hands on oil and smack. It isn’t your money Cameron you cunt its ours, fucking slag.

We, the British, are cunts for putting up with this shit. What the fuck is wrong with us? aarrgghhh!!!!!!

Nominated by: London cunt

5 thoughts on “The Great British Public

  1. Lack of moral fibre old sport. Ancient cunts like yours truly have seen this sceptred isle turn septic with the passing years. Country gone to the dogs and run by packs of tossing puppies. No clue. No bollocks. No experience. Total disaster. Second nature of cunts like Cameron and Clegg to kow tow to the chinks and any other tosser with a bit of cash. Fair play been doing it myself for years but I am not running the country, perhaps the old school commies had a point….blimey, Gristle has just dropped orf his perch…have I farted or is it the whiff of revolution?

  2. Nomination : Tom Daley
    Oh Im gay, No Im by, No I’ve come out, Im gay, oh Im so happy. Whichever way you swing, nothing changes the fact you are a cunt, After you stop sucking that cock you have gleefully owned up to, go and fucking dive.

    As like your newly declared sexual preferance, you cant get past a bronze in that either, you useless CUNT.

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