Fox Hunters


Following on from Christmas, the usual Cuntishness of the Boxing day hunts manifests itself. Despite being made illegal, these red coated, upper class cunts use any opportunity to flout the law and persist in their belief that they still are the ruling classes.

I therefore cheerfully nominate Fox hunters for an extreme cunting

Nominated by: Toadspanker

6 thoughts on “Fox Hunters

  1. BBBB Blundering blunderbusses. I love nothing more than the boxing day hunt. Nothing more except Wiff-Waff and shagging and building affordable housing that isn’t affordable to most of you plebs out there. The thrill of getting inebriated to the point of wiff-waff then ripping a defenceless little animal to shreds gives me a semi. Indeed some of those foxes ahh foxy. Bestiality? If it wins me votes, wh wh why not!

    Now look here riff-raff I I if you feel left out, you at home can join in, you don’t have to be stinking rich if you have a mouse/cockroach infestation…. as a fox substitute… er er only us toffs are allowed to hunt foxes and don’t you forget it plebeians. You’ll need dogs, horses, brandy, a bugle, some cocaine…. lots of cocaine, young fillies in Jodhpurs…. all perfectly affordable….. affordable/unaffordable… who gives a fuck I’m loaded! Must dash…. These fire stations wont be shut down and sold off forever on their own you know. You’d be lost without me, so remember…. Boris for PM…. Flim flam and waffle!

  2. All those un-deserving cunts on the new years honours list. Enough said?

    *******Happy New Year*******

  3. London’s fireworks and each and every cunt who stands in the rain to see them.
    Fuck them sll.
    Boring beyond belief. Wow, bonggggggggggg, and a circle of fireworks whizzes round the big wheel.

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