Stalinist unions


Bugger me butler. Back in the seventies again driving me mustard yellow Maxi without a seat belt. Suddenly up pop the old commie cunt undead. Old commie cunts never die – they just smell that way. The Unite Stalinist stooges twitch in to life again to march to another epic fuckup. Grangemouth. You taste death just by saying it, like Paschendale or Stalingrad.

Whilst in the depths classic commie corruption knots and genders. These cunts spend their lives cheating, lieing and conniving in solidarity with the working class while covertly promoting their own expenses, pensions, wives and boyfriends at the expense of the poor punters that pay their dues.

So what about Unite, the union that has released this Cold War virus?

Led by Red Len McCuntsky of Liverpool Militant Tendency fame. Used its block vote to elect Ed Minicunt for the grateful sons of toil. Embroiled in vote rigging allegations in favour of McCuntsky’s close friend Carrie Murphy over the parliamentary seat of Falkirk near Grangemouth. In the mix a cunt name of Jimmy Dean (thought he died in a car crash in Hollywood). This Rebel Without a Cock was head union apparatchic at the Grangemouth plant (resigned) and is chairman of Falkirk Labour Party. Sweetness and light.

Corrupt commie cunts.

Nominated by : Sir Limply Stoke

3 thoughts on “Stalinist unions

  1. All a bit yesterday’s news but it was eye of the storm when I posted it. Since then the dramatic u-turn with Unite swollowing the redundancy terms and the employer Ineos pledging to keep the plant open but at a reduced capacity with less jobs. McCuntsky now keeping very stumm but the most gut heaving experience was watching cunts Cameron, McCuntsky and Salmond all claiming victory for the scottish people, God fuck ’em.

    Par for the course that the only way the plant was saved was for the British tax payer to fund billions in subsidies not to have the boat rocked. Quietly trousered by the cunt running it, the appropriately named Jim Ratcliff. Look forward over the next year to seeing many similar examples of extortion by rapacious jockos and cunt multi-nationals to screw as much of our money as they can ahead of the referendum. Window of opportunity all down to Cameron and Clegg burying their tongues up Salmond’s arse. Going to cost us billions and the jockos still won’t fuck orf. The UK mcgravy train is far too rich. They will stay in the Union and screw as much as they can from the weak tossers running the country. McCunts.

  2. This secession malarkey is addictive. I’ve always advocated the removal of Tipton from the union thus forming the ‘Tipton Independent Territory’ or what about: ‘Cede Unite Nationhood Tipton.’ Trips off the tongue doesn’t. My first act as ‘Urbancuntbumfuhrer’ would be to annex Netherton and Stourbridge. England can keep Birmingham and Dudley. As for Smethwick- a mysterious fire will ravage the district from the Dudley Road to the marches of Ickneild Port. The devastation will be total; no change there then. For Tiptonites there will be subsidies on Carlsberg Special Brew, hot chips and blue pop. All male children will be henceforth known as ‘Ronaldo.’ Female brats will have the choice between ‘Char’mane or Shi’anne (how’s that for democracy). Matching shell suits will be compulsory for couples. Dentistry will be abolished and public inebriation reinstated. All Council houses will be fitted with immense satellite dishes. As always Tiptonites will look to the East. Vast stretches of industrial wasteland beckons. Arise Tiptonites, arise! The streets will resound with the refrain: ‘Hail Flaxen Saxon.’ I also intend to ally the Tipton grout with the Zimbabwe dollar. Currently one Tipton groat will buy 100 billion Zim dollars, no make that 500 billion Zim dollars……

  3. I’d like to nominate Julian Clary, now there’s a cunt if ever there was one and a very unfunny one at that. Wish he’d disappear up his own jacksy and do us all a favour -CUNT!!!

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