Old Jug Ears

Prince Charles visits Cumbria

His Royal Cuntishness Charles, Prince of Wales, expects us to believe he doesn’t want to be King. Like fuck he doesn’t! Wouldn’t put it past him to push the old girl down the stairs at Buck House.

Mind you, who wants a tree hugging, womanising old scrote like him in the top job anyway? And Queen Camilla – fuck that! Well, actually I wouldn’t but you know what I mean.

Tonight’s the night. We need a guy for the bonfire.

Nominated by : Dioclese

3 thoughts on “Old Jug Ears

  1. Bugger me butler, the old cunt is looking more ancient than his father. Proof that homeopathy and rodgering trees does not work. Further proof of the old adage that one is only as old as the party one shags. Also in royal circles they really do not know what homeopathy means so Charles spends a lot of time taking it up his organic arse.

    Me pet vulture Gristle is of the opinion that the decaying old cunt is due a nomination for the Dead Cunts Pool. Frightening how much old Charlie is starting to look like Mad King George 111. Significant rather that his professional name is going to be King George.

  2. “no one will ever know what you’ve done for this country”. Big ears said that in a message to Jimmy So-vile. Whatever could he mean? Draw your own conclusions I know what I think.

  3. Hang the cunt, and Camillah. While we’re abite it, might as well get rid of that bloody silly Jilly Cooper bint, thinks she’s more royal than the Q. At least Princess Michael of Kunt told her to fack orf..

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