Neal Tanna


Neal Tanna is an architectural bollocks cunt (ABC). Cop this from his web site ‘A New North’

“Through the scheme I apply a cosmological infrastructure as a means to probe Modern design concepts. The reassigning of time and measurement by means of devising a site specific cartography through local and celestial alignments creates an opportunity to explore paths of design beyond contemporary views of constrained construction, production and measurable interaction. Growth and adaption fluidly supersede weathered inanimate architectural components whilst the experience of occupation shifts from implied and predicated discrete values to a soft, motive equilibrium within the system.”

Pretentious shite from a concrete cunt.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

2 thoughts on “Neal Tanna

  1. Cunt looks like a suicide bomber. I think hed know more about taking a building down than building up. Dont go near his backpack. Bearded cunt.

  2. And his face looks as though it’s been through an extruder. One sure fire fucken way to fix that is a piece of 2 x 4 to that smug smarmy looking cuntish cunt face. On the other hand if I sat on his face when I’m on the rags his face might assume a nicer form. Amazing wot my itchy cunt can do for some of these cunting cuntards.

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