Jungle Cunts


FFS! 13 fucking series of this mind numbing shite and it’s still going! I give you “I’m a non-entity – get the fuck outta here!”

Rebeccan Addlington, Olympic swimming cunt; Steve Davis, has been snooker cunt; Kian Egan, has been Westlife singer cunt; David Emmanuel, Princess Di’s dress designing cunt; Joey Essex, who the fuck is this cunt? cunt; Annabel Giles, little known TV presenter cunt; Mo Harris, fat twat Eastenders cunt – what the fuck is her real name anyway?; Lucy Pargeter, kicked out of Emmerdale on her arse cunt; Alfonso Ribiero, unknown American actor cunt looking for a job; Vincent Simone, poncy dancing cunt; Amy Willerton, a cunt with big tits; Mathew Wright, daytime chat show cunt.

All a bunch of cunts trying to revitalise their flagging careers by making cunts of themselves by undergoing purile self inflicted humiliation in a cheap, crappy TV show.

Cunts in the jungle with Ant and Dec – two more cunts.

Who the fuck watches this shit anyway? They’ve gotta be brain dead or high as a kite to settle down to this shite every night and believe it’s entertainment! We’ve got to be the biggest cunts for watching it in the first place!

Nominated by: Dioclese

4 thoughts on “Jungle Cunts

  1. This totally fake abbo shite is recorded in a warehouse/jungle reserve in Adelaid, Australia – which explains why it features dead beat aussie cunts from time to time. Any cunt on it is attempting to resurrect a career out of the dunny by getting exposure in the press. Never watched it or been asked to appear in it (vulture available) but know some cunts that have. They get paid to play a part by the producers – good egg cunt, slapper cunt, evil stirrer cunt, psycho cunt, love rat cunt ect. Fuck all the dumb credulous cunts that watch it.

  2. we are moronic has been never been never fucking will be talentless shag sack cunts, get the cunt out of here and die.

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