Charles Philip Arthur George Windsor

Charles ear

C’mon you lot, show some respect. The Prince of Cunts becomes an old age pensioner and there’s not a peep from you. Let me remind you that this man is THE cuntologists’ wet dream, and the debt we owe him can never be repaid.

Son of a Greek immigrant, Charlie is too thick to know he’s thick and yet he has elevated cuntitude to an art form. He has trumped his father’s one brain cell by having none. He has developed his speech impediment so well that only his tomato plants can understand a word he says (which is a blessing). He would have us all back as mediaeval peasants living wattle and daub hovels and on a diet of free-range turnips. He even genuinely thinks that his ginger son is the product of his own loins, when the young cunt is the spit of his real father. But, finally, would anyone but a 24 carat, cunt want to crawl over the drop-dead gorgeous Diana to poke horse-faced Camilla? I rest my case.

The cunt reckons that being the king over us plebs is like being in prison. Well, Charlie, why don’t you fuck off to a real prison? Instead of raking in £19 million a year from taxpayers and assorted peasants, you would only cost £40,000; a saving of £18,960,000 a fucking year.

Nominated by: Bolton Boy

3 thoughts on “Charles Philip Arthur George Windsor

  1. Now we have a right royal cunt. This cunt couldn’t get a job in the real world cos he’s a thick cunt. Lucky for him he owns Cornwall. Me, I’d make a huge bonfire of all these royals. Parasitic wankers all of them.

  2. Lots of talk about the moniker old jug ears is going to take as his professional name. Not going to be Charles III apparantly. Instead wants to be called King George VII. Been talking to too many trees. Should listen to the people’s choice. Arise King Cunt.

  3. When the old girl has finally beaten Victoria’s record as longest-serving monarch, we’ll get this plonker taking over. I don’t want foreigners thinking this idiot represents what Britain’s all about. He’s always looked and acted like an old man even when he was young. Can’t say I’ve been impressed with either his words of wisdom or his choice of women. Any woman going with him would do so for one reason – status – because he never had anything else to offer.

    Diana was a Sloane Ranger who got lucky, and what a choice she proved to be. Only looked reasonable because she spent £3000 a week on beauty treatments. Once she got bored, she got herself poked by a soldier, then an Asian doctor, then an Arab, and those are the ones we know about. A real princess she was. Her death had the same effect on me that mine would have had on her. Candle in the wind ? My backside.
    And now we’ve got Kate Middleton, who’s face is ok but her tits are rubbish. She’s pumping out kids like there’s no tomorrow which we’ve got to pay for. Wait, I think I’ve got some change in my pockets. Here, now you’ve got it all.

    Parasite bastards the lot of ’em. Bring back the guillotine.

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