8 thoughts on “Vivienne Westwood

  1. So the cunt can sew. I can sew. Perhaps we should surround her in some of her ‘creations’ and set it alight.

  2. Her assistants do all the work. Please one of you gaffer tape a black bondage bin liner over that ravaged old mug of hers. Sew a zip in her head so at least we can turn it inside out.

  3. The ginger hair is like hurricane on top of her head. I reckon she should set her hair on fire and let the natural colour grow back. She’d make better money if she sold bling encrusted dildos.

  4. She’s from a town called Glossop, which is about five miles away from where I live. It’s a nice town, forever tainted with the stain of Westwood. It’s in the shadow of the Pennines, and I reckon her parents should have taken her up to Dark Peak when she was a child and fucking left her there.

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