The filthy French – greasy, shoulder shrugging, garlic smelling cunts who spell better than they pronounce.

Couldn’t win a war even if they were fighting the Eyeties. Leave the real fighting to the beer drinking nations you dirty, wanky cunts.

That Jacques Cousteu is a total cunt as well.

Nominated by: Flaxen Saxon

8 thoughts on “France

  1. Geoff fucking bastard cunting Hurst is a cunt. Apparently he scored a couple of goals in a footie match 50 years ago and hasn’t stopped talking about it since. Cunt. Fucking knighthood for services to being a total spazzy cunt.

    And whilst I’m on the subject, any slum-dwelling Cockney cunt who says West Ham won the World Cup is a cunt.

  2. Yes indeed. They think they have better taste in food, women, wine and are much more sophisticated than the mighty English. Bollocks to that, we might be ruled by cunts, we may act like cunts after too many Stellas and be pretty fucked up as a nation but at least we have a sense of humour and stink of chips rather than garlic.

    French fries? Chips you frog cunts. You know what they call tea? The… The? but said in a really pathetic way that doesn’t sound like our word The. No wonder they all drink coffee. Pretentious wankers who speak a near defunct language, yes Michel Platini you English hating cunt, your language is as pointless as latin. Napoleon is also a cunt, defeated by the English. His brandy does the job though so fair play for that. Yep definitely a bunch of cunts.

    • Shagged a French filly in me cups. The whiff on it! Expensive perfume to lure a fellow in then its paddling in rotting fish. Merde alors. Their mothers teach them not to wash their cunts. Au naturel monsieurs. They think it is the perfect prelude to a spot of oral. Makes them irrisistible. Fromage fucking perverts.

  3. You should put up David Badiel just for being himsef is enough.

    And he looks like a fucking kiddie fiddler the cunt.

  4. The French have never forgiven us for saving them in the second world war. We should have let the Germans keep France as a booby prize.

  5. Not very good in a scrap, these Froggies…
    They’re pretty handy when setting fire to defencless sheep and burning young girls at the stake, but that’s it….

    Cantona was fucking ace though…

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