Royal baby enthusiasts


Royal commentators – particularly Nicholas bumcrawl Kinnock lookalike cunt Witchell and Sky’s Alastair Bruce a class A sycophantic, toadying creep and a cunt of the highest order.

Flag waving plebs – standing outside the palace of cunts should also be cunted.

Let’s hope it pisses down with rain again. Cunts the lot of ‘em.

Nominated by : Anonymous

2 thoughts on “Royal baby enthusiasts

  1. Chav scum doleys ‘celebrating’ the birth, i.e. taking drugs and shagging each other, get right on my tits. Cunts. Almost as bad as 50 something women, crying hysterically, as though the little runt was related to them. Why does anyone give a fuck about the birth of a child to parents that they don’t know and will never meet?

    Why the arrival of yet another parasite to a dysfunctional inbred bunch of cunts is a cause of celebration, I’ll never know.

  2. And there she is princess Katherine of Goldsmith looking radiant outside the steps of the hospital, a bigger gut after the pregnancy than before, shimmering radiantly… Did I say she looked radiant? Oh here comes prince big ears the doting grand pa pa pa pa pa pa first in line for poncing, majestically waving at the plebs there. What a lovely scene, lick lick crawl crawl I am not worthy your royal highness….. Blurgh. Join me again Nicholas Witchell after the weather when I will grovel so much I will create a new category in the Guinness book of records for brown nosing.

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