10 thoughts on “Paddy Ashdown

  1. Funny really, you’d expect a Limp Dick to be against war. Hearing his comments this morning though, I found myself considering writing a note to Santa for a magic television that would allow me to punch this twat in the face, through the screen, without leaving my living room. The most laughable part was when he tried to claim that the people who voted against the pointless killing of hundreds of innocent Syrian civilians, were the very same people who want us to leave the EU. I mean, seriously? Miliband and his crew voted against war, they’re all EU fanatics. Pantsdown’s own party, the Limp Dicks voted against, all EU cuckolds. And I’m sure a fair number of the Tories who voted against are also big fans of the EU Supreme Soviet. If Pantsdown is feeling depressed, I suggest he shags his secretary. That should cheer him up.

  2. Forgot. I really, really want to cunt Manchester’s apparently large Syrian Community. They were on the BBC this morning, whingeing that they felt ‘let down’ by MP’s exercising their democratic right to represent the views of their constituents by saying no to war. Actually, I’m somewhat surprised that democracy worked here, but that’s another tale. Apparently, they don’t know how to explain it to their children. Easy, we don’t see it as our business, so we have no intention of wasting time, money, lives and ordnance on something we’re not involved with, and don’t particularly care about. The wife of one Syrian activist, sorry, ‘charity worker’, was so upset she completely forgot how to speak English. Which, considering she was on British television, meant the vast majority of people watching hadn’t a fucking clue what she was saying. Personally, I’m assuming it was complete bollocks. What annoys me the most about these shit sticks, is that they seem to have a real hard on for UK Forces to bomb the shit out of Bashar al Ass Hat, yet none of them seem particularly willing to fuck off back to Damascus, pick up a rifle, and fight for the future of their cuntry. And no, I didn’t misspell it. As a former soldier, this is something my former colleagues and I referred to as ‘cowardice’. It’s real simple boys. If you’re not willing to risk your lives fighting to bring down an allegedly evil dictator, don’t be fucking surprised when other people express a desire to stay out of the conflict too. YOUR CUNTRY, YOUR FIGHT, YOUR FUCKING PROBLEM. P..p..p..pick up an AK and have at it.

  3. Here here! A nation can only go war if the politico warmongering cunts who call for it actually go on the front line. Off you go Hague, Cameron, Blair, Obama fuck off to Syria or Iraq and don’t come back.

  4. Fuck, looks like we are going to waste a good opportunity to send a few choccos off to an early grave. Peace mongering cunts. Should raise an army of Manchester Syrians and send them off to kill each other. Could call it the ‘Wog battalion’.

    • And for good measure give’em a good strong kick in the cunt before you see them off. Fuckin wogs.

    • Actually, I was suggesting that they do their own fighting, instead of expecting others to do it for them. I wasn’t being racist, but if you want to use NF style terminology that’s up to you.

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