Scotland the Brave [2]


Almost the entire population of Jockland are a bunch of cunts. Bitter, envious, hairy-palmed, gibbering, wife-beating drunks.

A fair few of those Jock Parliament wallahs are coke heads and arse andits as well.

That William Wallace was a right cunt too.

Nominated by: Termujin

8 thoughts on “Scotland the Brave [2]

  1. Temujin sir, you left out ugly paranoid grasping money fucking deviant inbred weak spermed scotch dosser cunts amongst other things. We would want them to recognise themselves.

    • My mistake. Apologies.

      BTW Any nation that has sheep guts and turnip as a national dish must be cunts. I made the mistake of eating a mouthful of this shit a few years back and the Jock fuckers took offense, as they fucking do, when I gobbed it straight back out again. Fucking muck.

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