TV Charity Appeals


Miles crying like a pro. Tansy and Kofi eating fake flies. A heart wrenching TV wonderland. Carefully crafted voice overs making the pitch.

Sorry kiddies but if I dial the number I know I will get endless fund raising calls from armies of charity slaves.

Give £2 a month to help… better minimum £5… better £10 a month by Standing Order (the Holy Grail). I can take your bank details now so we can go on paying lots of money to our professional fund raiser bosses.

Save the Children? Sod the cunts. I’d rather save my money

Nominated by : Sir Limply Stoke

1 thought on “TV Charity Appeals

  1. Ve know how to reach ze heart strings of ze volk. Ve get my little Leni to make a kleine film in Poland ja. Mit starrving und rrickets und alles. Zen ve show zem how ze Naziz ze collect for charity. Sick Heil!

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