Fucking holier than thou churchgoers – especially Anglicans and Catholics. Christian charity? Not a fucking bone of it in their entire bodies. You don’t go to church? You’re a cunt. Don’t believe in God? You’re a cunt.

“Oh Christ! You’re not a bloody Jew are you?!?” Jesus saves, but Moses invests!

Fucking hypocrite cunts the lot of ’em.

Lock ’em in and burn the fucking church down. The Romans…now they knew how to treat fucking Christian cunts!

Nominated by : Desmond Tutu
(I find that hard to believe. Ed.)

2 thoughts on “Churchgoers

  1. Problem is dear heart, burn down the churches where are the paedos to meet? At least we know where they are. Flashback to Roman times, persecution of the Christians, still kept at it, followed secret signs, fish fucking this way donchaknow.

    Prefer not to have the streets covered in drawings of little boys with arrows.

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